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bring to gynrecologists and to specialists in diseases of the chest, and perhaps to abilify order online neurologists. Meeting of April 9, buy 2mg abilify online 1885. Exsection order abilify online canada of the Upper Tliird of the Tibia.— Dr. George Wackeriiagen- read the notes of the case of a child, two years and a half old, who fell upon the pavement in May, 188-4, and bruised the left knee. At first the injury seemed to be trifling, but a month later the part gradually became painful, red, and swollen. The services of a surgeon were not obtained until the 2")th of September, when an opening was made just below the knee joint, which gave exit to a quantity of dark-colored blood slightly mixed with pus. After that the swelling disappeared, leaving a little opening just below abilify mg the spine of the tibia, from which a small quantity of unhealthy pus was discharged daily. The speaker saw the child in consultation on the 15tli of Octo- ber, and found two sinuses leading to dead bone. At the opera- tion, on the lOtli, it was found advisable to remove the whole head of the tibia, together with about one third of the shaft, by subperiosteal exsection. The crucial ligaments were found to abilify order canada have been entirely destroyed, and the inter-condylar space was filled with unhealthy granulations. The.'e were removed with a sharp curette, and the joint was thoroughly irrigated with a l-to'2,000 solution of bichloride of mercury. A rubber drain- age-tube was introduced into the joint, and the wound was |)acked with indoforui and bichloride gauze. No intlainmatory reaction followed, and the temperature did not go above 00^ Y. The I'hild had improved very much since the operation, and new bono had been produced from the perio-teum. The knee buy 20 mg abilify online could be flexed to an angle of about 4.5°, and extended as in the noriiml condition. Bauer's hip-joint instrument had been ap- plied tor the purpose of making continuous extension, and the shfirtining was not more than half an inch. Gangrene of the Lower Extremity from Arterial Throm- b08iB.-ltr. V. .\. .Ir.vNKir rcpoil.-.l tliv .aso of a -.tiideiit, sivcn- teeii years of age, previously of good health, who had consulted him on the 3t)tli of January, suffering apparently with a slight attack of intermittent fever. Several weeks before, he had in- dulged excessively in skating. Under the influence of quinine, he was soon able to be about the house. On the -tth of Febru- ary, in the afternoon, he complained of pain in the back, but this had disappeared by the next morning, when, while dress- ing, he suddenly felt a numbness in both lower lirabs, together with a " peculiar sensation " in the abdomen. He nipidly grew worse, so as to lose the powers of motion and sensation. By means of friction and a hot mustard bath sensation was restored to both extremities, but was soon lost again in the left leg. The speaker now arrived, and found the left leg blanched and cold below the knee, with loss of motion and sensation. There was little pain. The patient was placed in bed. and the limb was surrounded with hot bottles. The next morning there were ecchymotic spots on the lower third of the thigh and the leg and foot. On the Tth burning pains appeared in the knee and order abilify no prescription foot, and the temperature was 102-5° F. On the 6th of M.arch, the line of demarkation having buy abilify online canada fully formed at the middle of the thigh, circular amputation was performed in the upper third, the incision coming within an inch of the healthy granulations. The femoral artery was found to be completely plugged, and the slight hfemorrhage which resulted came entirely from the smaller vessels. The patient died of shock two hours after the completion of the operation. In disguising the odor of the gan- grenous parts, at the no prescription abilify time of the operation, the best result was obtained order generic abilify with nascent chloride of lead, made by adding a drachm of aqueous solution of nitrate of can you buy abilify online lead to a pailful of solution of salt. Autopsy, ly Br. Leiif. — The kidney connective tissue was markedly increased. The spleen was enlarged, and contained buff-colored spots. The liver was slightly fatty. A clot was found in the abdominal aorta,- about four cm. above its bifurca- tion and extending down into the two common iliacs. It only partly filled the aorta and the right common, external, and in- ternal iliacs, so that some blood had been admitted through these vessels to the parts below ; but the left common, external, and internal iliacs were solidly and perfectly plugged with a firm thrombus adherent to their walls. This plug extended down into the feuKpral as fiir as the end of the abilify prescription program stump, where it been cut off during the operation. The plug fitted the vessel somewhat loosely below the lower part of the external iliac. The collateral circulation probably took place can i buy abilify online through the deep circuniticx iliac and the lumbar arteries. Gangrene of the Leg due to Popliteal buy abilify 5mg online Embolism.— Dr. Leff related the case of a German midwife, about thirty-five ycjirs old, who had had rheumatism at times for fourteen years, also fre- quent attacks of dyspniva due to cardiac valvular disease. The at- tack of rheumatism which terminated her life began in the latter part of April, and at that time she was attended by another physician. She buy abilify online no prescription had the ordinary symptoms of rheumatism, and presented inflammatory signs in both ankles. After some days' treatment the feet became better, and the physician had a pack of ice-water and salt applied buy abilify online to the left foot. This was con- tinued under protest for upward of two hours and then re- moved. A few hours later the patient felt a sensation as of something darting down the left thigh, along the course of the femoral, and stopi>ing with a sudden jar at the back of tlie knee. This sudden jar was a .-ihock to her whole body, and caused the entire leg below the knee to feel as if suddenly electrified, and the leg had continued numb, with abilify mg size tingling sensations, from that time until the speaker was called in, two days later. The other physician could not he induced to pay any attention to these symptoms, or oven look at the foot. buy generic abilify online The speaker found tho foot cold and swollen, with tho plantar surface of a dark hue. Tlie geuaibility of the foot was impaired, and it could hardly bo moved. Tho patient comphiine»l of severe pains in tho toes and 360 MISCELLANY. [N. Y. Mkd. JoiR., instep. Her pulse was very irregular and her heart feeble, with mitral stenotic and regurgitant murmurs well marked. Her face wore abilify prescription coupon an anxious, expectant expression, and was of a leaden pallor. She had black hair and a dark complexion. Examination at the back of the knee revealed a rod-like body beneath the skin in the popliteal space, having a diameter of over 1 cm. This hardness extended almost the whole length of the popliteal space. The diagnosis was made at once of embo- lism of the popliteal artery, from the lodgment of a detached

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