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gen, ammonia, etc. It l.s far more stable than carbolic acid, not being volatile at ordinary temperature. Its va])or, when volatilized for purposes of fumigation, has no obnoxious effect upon tlie organs of respiration. It will not Avandia Tablets injure, either in substance, solution, or va|)or, colors or tex- tile falirics. Its sparing solubility in water is rather an advantage than otherwise, as mistakes in nuiking solu- tions can not occur. A saturated solution is about of the strength of one to one thousand, and in this proportion it will perfectly preserve for an indefinite time animal tissues and fluids, and yet upon living tissues Order Avandia Online this solution produces no perceptible effect other than the formation of a very slight albuminate film — this latter to be considered rather an advantage than otherwise, inasmuch as it constitutes an additional security against infectious germs floating in the air. If for. no other reason than that it is non-corro- sive, and hence will not injure the polished surface and keen edge of cutting instruments, it is to be preferred to mercuric bichloride, and to the latter it is second onlv in antiseptic qualities. It has a slight aromatic taste and odor, and crystallizes in scale-like clinorhomboid laminoe of a sil- very white or grayish hue. Although but sparingly soluble in water, it dissolves freely in alcohol, ether, chloroform, glycerin, benzole, and the fixed oils. It is not volatile at ordinary temperature, but begins to sublime at about 90° C. ^Yith the alkalies and the alkaline earths it forms com- pounds which are unstable, are readily decomposed by car- bonic acid, and of doubtful antiseptic value. It is easily powdered, and in this condition, triturated with carbonate of magnesia, silicates, such as fuller's earth, China clay, Order Avandia etc., in the proportion of two parts of the hydronaphthol to one hundred of either of the above Buy Avandia named, can be dusted along the line of incision and over the mouths of drainage- tubes, in the latter application having an advantage over iodoform, now so commonly used for that purpose, in that it does not dry up Purchase Avandia the serum escaping from the wound cav- ity, and thus block up the exit extremity of the tube. Ab- sorbent gauze, cotton, jute, wood-flour, sawdust, peat, moss, and paper-wool may be impregnated with it by immersing them in its alcoholic or benzole solution and then drying ? the hydronaphthol crystals cling to Generic Avandia these without the aid of stearin, paraffin, or resin, as in the case of carbolic acid. As it is not decomposed by the presence of organic matter, it possesses Buy Cheap Avandia this advantage over corrosive sublimate in the preparation of surgical dressings. Its ten-per-cent. alcoholic solution perfectly sterilizes Cheap Avandia silk, and sutJiciently hardens and preserves, as well as sterilizes, catgut. (7'o be.continued.) ISOLATION OF THE TEMPERATFEE SENSE IN THE ORO-PIIARYXGEAL CAVITIES AND NASAL PASSAGES BY MEANS OF COCAINE.* Ry JOIIX y. M.VCKENZIE, M. D.. BALTUOBB. My attention was first called to the isolation of the temperature sense by means of cocaine through an observa- tion of Dr. William Warfield, of this city, who noticed dur- ing an operation on the eye (under the ana-slhetic influence of this drug), performed Avandia Price by Dr. Russell Murdoch, that, while the sensibility of the conjunctiva and cornea was abolished, the contJiot of the Buy Avandia Online instruments was felt as a distinctly cold * Read by title before the American LaryngolofdcAl Association, June an, 1885. See letter in (Plill«clcl|iliia') Avandia 4 Mg "Meilii-iil \ew.«," M.iy 80, 1885, on "Isolation of Tcmporatiin' SonM-." 376 IVES: A CASE OF SUBMUCOUS LARYNGEAL BjEMORRBAOE. |N. Y. Mkd. Jodk., sensation. Subseiiueutly Mr. H. H. Donaldson, of the Johns Iloplcins University, acting upon this hint, Avanafil Buy examined the eyes of two patients with reference to this singular fact, and discovered that, although the eye was rendered com- pletely insensitive, the sensations of heat Avandia 8 Mg and cold were readily distinguished. Struck with the original observation of Dr. Avandia Mg Warfield, I experimented with regard to the isolation of the tempera- ture sense in the nasal and oro-pharyngeal cavities. Six persons (hospital patients) were taken for the experiments. Having thoroughly anaesthetized the mucous surfaces of the soft palate, uvula, and nasal passages with a four-per-cent. solution of cocaine, a , probe, which had been previously immersed in a mixture of ice and salt, was made to impinge upon the parts rendered insensible to contact and pain. A distinct sensation of cold was complained of in each in- stance. The opposite extremity of the same probe was then heated over the burner of a Avandia Cost lamp used for laryngo- seopic purposes, and in its heated condition carried over the anaesthetized area. While absolutely no pain was felt by any of those experimented upon, there was a marked unanimity of the answers, given voluntarily, in regard to the sensation of heat. In three of the cases Buy Avanafil an eschar fol- lowed the application of the heated probe, and in one an acute pharyngitis developed Avandia Canada ; yet at the time of application no pain was felt, though the temperature sense remained intact. These observations are of interest, in view of the fact that, while recent physiological research has rendered it Purchase Avandia Online probable that the sensations of heat and cold are distinct Avandia Online from those of mere contact and pain, it has heretofore been impossible to demonstrate the fact by the complete isolation of the temperature sense. It is accordingly obvious that its separation from the other senses may lead the way to more interesting physiological discovery. A CASE OF SUBMUCOUS LARYNGEAL HEMORRHAGE COMPLICATED WITH CYST.*

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