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calomel, followed by compound powder of jalap, would often do good. Such cases bore purgation. But if the renal dropsy was attended with cool skin, great pallor, feeble pulse and great prostration, then frequent purgation was not well borne. In such cases he used lumbar bimatoprost ophthalmic poultices, digitalis, acetate of potash, with occasional saline cathartics. A morbid element in scarla- tina often developed rheumatism ; hence frequent cardiac com- plications. When these occurred he resorted to the active agents named in the foregoing prescription. Alkalies bimatoprost 0.01 and salines should be used in renjil complications. Dr. Brown generic bimatoprost had been disappointed with the diaphoretic action of pilocarpin. bimatoprost price Potas- sium iodide was often useful in nephritic sequela of scarlet fever. Dr. R. I. Hicks, of Casanova, Va., had never seen anything indicating relationship between scarlet fever and diphtheria, nor liad he seen scarlatinal throat complications threaten life. Mopping the purchase bimatoprost throat or gargling hot water would relieve the faucial troubles. He "thought the best treatment of scarlet fever consisted in cold sponging the body, and the use of qui- nine and small doses of carbolate of iodine internally. Dr. Alkxasder Harris, of Jeflersonton, Va., emphasized (1) the benefit of isolation, both to prevent and to cure scarlet fever; (2) sick rooms with open fire-places; (:i) the bed sliould bo out from a corner of the room, and draughts of fresh air should keep the room ventilated; (i) the patient's and the bed clothing should be daily changed ; (5) the popular disinfectants were not useful in permissible doses. Fire or water above 212'^ was the best germicide. Hence burn or boil all clothing that had been about the patient. (6) Always disinfect a house in wliich a zymotic disease had been treated, if even a year or two previous. Pour boiling water over the floors, in the cracks, on the walls, etc. Steam would be better. Dr. V. F. Lewis, of Clilion Forge, Va., believed in the stimu- lating plan of order bimatoprost treatment, and thought digitalis helped to relieve the swelling of the throat. Sometimes he used chlorate of potash and muriated tincture of iron. Ho was a strong advo- cate of such sanitary measures as I>r. Hicks and l>r. Harris had just mentioned. He fed liberally. Dr. John F., of liiehmond, agreed with the speakers a'* to their sanitary recommendations. He thought, in towns 382 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. [N. Y. Med. Joue., especially, placards should be placed on doors of infected houses as warnings to coraers-in. Public funerals in all cases of deatli bimatoprost synthesis by zymotic disease bimatoprost canada should be prohibited by law. In the sick- room, old cloths, etc., sliould be used, which might be destroyed by fire. The popular "disinfectant solution" of copperas was not a disinfectant, but was antiseptic. Four ounces of chloride of lime dissolved in a gallon bimatoprost 0.03 of water was a good preparation to pour over the evacuations of typhoid patients. Corrosive subli- mate in solution was also used. Let all articles that were to be used again be kept immersed in one or the other of these solu- tions for several hours. To disinfect a room, burn in it from two to four pounds of common sulphur, with closed doors. If the body order bimatoprost online after death was to be moved, it should be kept wrapped in cloths wet with Labarraque's solution — | iv to the gaUon. Dr. L. Lankfoed, of Bowers, Va., agreed with the speakers as to the bimatoprost cost imjiortance of fresh air in the treatment of scarlet fever, and thought that malignancy would be rare if this lumigan bimatoprost were more insisted upon than it was. As an illustration, he men- tioned the cases of two of his children. The younger was kept down-stairs in a warm room, with the doors closed, and malig- nancy developed ; the other child was kept up-stairs, where there was no fire and where a window was kept open, and no malignant sign or symptom developed. The weather was cold. Dr. J. Herbert Claiborn'e, of Petersburg, Va., spoke of a case in his practice in which the dermic inflammation was so intense that on the third day the skin came off in large patches all over the body. Some children played day after day in the room with the patient, and yet none of them contracted the disease. Shortly afterward some other children had the fever so mildly that they could not be retained in the house; but in a short while the disease developed in some of their playmates. An old lady living in the house with these mild cases had scar- let fever so severely that she came near dymg. To disinfect a sick-room, not only the organic germs must be destroyed, but the spores also. A solution of corrosive sublimate (1 to 1,000) was required to kill the buy bimatoprost uk spores, or water at 280°. But the best disinfectant for a sick-room after all buy cheap bimatoprost was pure fi-esh air. The doors buy bimatoprost online and windows should be left open. Of course always dis- infect articles of clothing, etc. purchase bimatoprost online He thought Squibb's solution of chlorinated soda — | bimatoprost online ij to the gallon of water — was the most perfect insecticide in the market, and it was cheap enough to be within the reach of all. Dr. William L. Robinson, of Danville, Va., believed that a great deal of good resulted from proper medicinal treatment. cheap bimatoprost He reduced the fever by using a full bath at 95°, which he al- lowed to cool down to 8.5° while the patient was in it. Before taking him out of the bath he gave a weak toddy, and rubbed the body over with camphorated oil before he was put to bed. He depended very much upon the free use of lithia water as a drink. If the nose got stop|)ed up so bimatoprost uk as to compel month- breathing, the child waked up often from cat-naps with screams. For this condition he used the steam atomizer — two grains of chloral hydrate in an ounce of water. This kept the nose moist. Large doses of calomel and jalap should be used if kid- ney complications supervene. In one cnso of cedema of the lungs the hypodermic use of pilocarpin saved the patient. Dr. WiN.v stated that a recent correspondent in the "Jour- nal of the American Mc
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