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twelve chancroids, the statistics appear rather inadequate. Again, when it is admitted that in four cases the effects of secondary syphilis were "really very bad," and but thirty-one Cardura 6 Mg cases present- ing secondary symptoms were recorded, we should naturally infer that the aver- age severity of the disease was not slight. With regard to the one hundred and six cases in Cardura Online which a history of past syphi- lis was obtained, we must take into consideration the credibility of such evidence, bearing in mind the Cardura N10 fact that among a large proportion of the lower classes "the pox " is a synonym for all venereal diseases. Finally, we can not attach much importance to the statis- tics relating to mortality. It is alto- gether probable that but a small y^'o- portion of the deaths from syphilitic brain disease, syphilitic phthisis, or amyloid degeneration of internal or- gans due to syphilis, are ascribed to their real cause, even with the advan- tages Purchase Cardura which a hospital affords for ob- servation. 22t Mr. Cousins, surgeon to the Royal Portsmouth Hospital, describes a staff for wiiich he claims certain advantages, particularly in the operation of lithot- omy in children. The instrument is a modified rectangular staff, with a round- ed-off angle, a long beak, and the point slightly turned npward. The lateral groove begins half an inch above the angle, and terminates at about the same distance from the point. The main pe- culiarity is the length of the beak, and Cardura E10 this varies regularly with the size of the staff. The advantages claimed are stated as follows: "1. The sharpness of the angle. This permits the instru- ment to be easily felt, Flomax Vs Cardura and so assists the operator in making the deep perineal incision. As soon Cardura Vs Flomax as the Cardura 1 Mg antrle is ex- posed, he readily learns by the finger the point of the staff he has reached. When the finger enters the groove, the position is Cardura E10p indicated exactly by the part of the nail engaged in it. The point of the finger-nail informs the operator that he Cardura For Bph is on the angle ; but, directly the side of the nail is well insinuated in the groove, he can be sure that he has reached the beak, and that a simple movement of the knife will open the bladder. 2. The ieak is nearly straight, and is fixed at a right angle on the Cardura Bph staff. When the instrument is held firmly in position under the pubic arch, the floor of the bladder is steadily depressed ; at the same time the beak is parallel to the rectum, and so Order Cardura protects tlie organ from injury. The iiorizontal beak forms a straight guide into the bladder; and surely a straight movement of the knife in the groove is more readily and safely accomplished than a downward, inward, and upward thrust, which must be made around the large angle of the ordinary staff". Moreover, in making deep in- cision of the prostate and neck of the MISCELLANY. 21) bladder, the knife can be accurately lateialized ; the Cardura Generic Name ])(>int can be easily di- rected upward (luring the whole jjto- ceedinj;; its back can be kept in con- tact with the statt"; and the dei)th of the incision estimated by tiie move- ment of tiie knife along the side of the left forefinger. Again, in witiidrawing the knife, after the completion of the deep incision, there is less danger of di- viding too freely the deep structures, and of cutting out at too great an angle on the statf. 3. 2'he lomj beak. This part of the staff enters Buy Cardura Online the liladder to the extent of an inch or a little more, and is kept in contact with the stone. Now, the long beak affords important advantiiges, especially in the operation upon children, for during early life the urethral structures are more soft and delicate, Cardura 10 Mg and the bladder is situated high up behind the pubic arch. It is a sim- ple safeguard against one of the most Cardura Classification common and painful accidents which occur during lithotomy, as the point can not be pushed out of the bladder. It has frequently happened that, after only partial division of the urethral structures, and an etfort to introduce the finger, the operator has found him- self suddenly foiled, Cardura E10p Msds from the point of the short staff having been pushed out of the bladder. Such an accident I believe to be impossible witli the Cardura Tablets long beak.'' ii, Tlie operation U^r ahhit'uin of Cheap Cardura the jieiiin described by Mr. McCiann is a modification of that described by Ilum- ]jhry in Holmes's "System of Surgery," which consists in making a straight cut through the ])enis anterior to the scro- tum, then making an incision along the raphe into the ])erin!eum, ex[)osing the corpus spongiosum. The latter is then

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