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Such conditions may create either irritation of the sympa- thetic system or paralysis of its functions, or both simul- taneously in different parts of the body. Irritation of the cervical sympathetic produces pallor of the face and neck upon the affected side, with a sense of coldness in the parts. The pupils are dilated, the temporal arteries exhibit increased tension, the power of accommoda- tion and the reaction of Cozaar 25 Mg the pupil to light are both impaired, the eyeballs protrude slightly, and the secretion of sweat is diminished. Paralysis of the cervical sympathetic Cozaar 100mg induces Cozaar Cost the oppo- site conditions. The skin is red and hot, the patient suffers from a sense of heat in the skin, the pupils are contracted Price Of Cozaar and exhibit normal reactions to light and accommodation of vision ; the eyeball does not protrude, there are often headache and vertigo, the Online Cozaar secretion of tears and sweat is increased, and the pulsation of the carotids is excessive. In the electrical treatment of these opposed conditions Erb recommends stabile applications of the anode (with a strong current) until a change in the pupil is observed, if the condition of irritation exists. The same author suggests the use of the cathode with a feeble current, frequent in- Cozaar 50mg terruptions, and occasional reversal of the poles, if the paralytic state is present. He places the "indifferent" electrode upon the spine. He also suggests a[)plications of the wirc-brusli, Discount Cozaar or labile galvanic currents, to the skin of the face and neck. To tlie views of this author I would urge the advantage of trying the effects of static insulation and sparks directed to the neck and face. ANOiONEi'ttosEa OF THE SKIN Huiy u-ssumc one of two forms, viz., spasm or paralysis. They arc most fretiueiitly observed in connection with neuriusthenia and in hysterical patients. The abnormal contraction or Cozaar Price relaxation of the vessels may Losartan Cozaar cause (1) inoditications in the color and the general " feel " and sensibility of the skin ; (2) subjective sensations of heat, tingling, formication, etc.; (3) disturb- ances Cozaar Mg of perspiration ; (4) awkwardness of movement of the part () many rcth'v svTiip- Buy Cozaar Online toms referable to the viscera. Unnatural r()nns Purchase Cozaar of the vessels of the skin (s|>asni or paralysis) are most frequently observed in the upper limb, less frequently in the lower limb, and least often in the face and neck. They may be excited by a variety of causes — such as fatigue, excitement, menstrual distui-bances, malaria, exposure to cold, the effects of poisons, and direct irritation of the skin itself. I have seen the skin (especially of the fingers) made as white as chalk in some cases, and in others rendered cyano- tic, by spasm of the vessels. The muscles of the papillae of the skin may participate in the spasm and produce the so- called "goose-flesh" appearance. Buy Cheap Cozaar Pain, tingling, formica- tion, partial ansesthesia, and other disturbances of the sen- sory apparatus may occur as sequelie to the vascular spasm. Paralysis of the cutaneous vessels leads to directly oppo- site conditions. The skin may be made intermittently or permanently red, and feel unnaturally hot and extremely sensitive. Subjects so afflicted frequently suffer from in- somnia, headache, disturbed heart-action, excessive perspi- ration, vertigo, and other visceral manifestations of Buy Cozaar irrita- bility. Respecting the electrical treatment of angiospasm and angioparalysis, the general rule may be given that weak or moderate applications of faradism or galvanism to the affected part act best upon dilated vessels, and stronger currents upon those affected with Cost Of Cozaar spasm. Applications of static electricity are often very beneficial to neurasthenic and hysterical subjects. Personally, I be- lieve this method of treatment surpasses any other in its effects upon this class, although it is well to alternate with galvanism and faradism when a case proves obstinate Cozaar Online to treatment. AVhen any of the methods suggested are employed, it is well to subject both the vaso-raotor centers and the nerve- trunks which supply the affected regions (as well as the parts directly) to the influence of electrical currents. NEURASTHENIA. By this term we mean the condition of nervous exhaus- tion. It may be manifested in a variety of wavs. Its symptoms will depend upon the type which exists — cere- bral exhaustion or spinal exhaustion — and also upon special idiosyncrasies peculiar to the patient. No two cases exhibit identical manifestations of nervous depression. Some pa- tients who are suffering from cerebral neurasthenia mani- fest its effects In the voice, others in mental disturbances. Order Cozaar The heart's action may be alone disturbed in some cases, the stomach may give out in others, some may com|)laia alone of muscular troubles, some may notice its effects in the eyes, some are rendered sleepless, a few complain alone of skin disturbances, and so on throughout the different parts of the entire human organism. You can understand how these apparently disconlant facts may be reconciled when you consider the fact that, by means of the brain and spinal marrow and the nerves wliicli unite these centers to the ditTerent parts of the body, wo are enabled to see, hear, tjuste, smell, appreciate touch, swallow, breathe, and perform voluntary muscular acts. It is by means of our nerves alone that the heart beats; the 304 RANNE7: LECTURES ON ELEGTRIGITY IN MEDICINE. [N. Y. Med. Jodh., diirestive processes go on, without our knowledge or con- trol, tbi-ough Cozaar 100 Mg the same agencies ; the blood-vessels contract and dilate in accordance with the Cheap Cozaar demands for blood tele- graphed to the nerve-center by different organs and tissues ;

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