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In the first place, the insolubility of the hydronaphthol was found to be an insuperable bar to any germicidal action in its normal Dilantin 125 solution (0"1 per cent.). A mixture was there- Dilantin 400 Mg fore made of 1 gramme to 100 c. c. of water (I'O per cent.), this being about ten Dilantin 250 Mg times above saturation. This mixture was tried on putrefied beef-tea containing Dilantin 130 Mg putrefactive and pathogenic organisms and spores, on anthrax pure, on sub- tilis pure, and on pure cultures of pathogenic micrococci. To these it was added in equal proportions — that is to say, ten cubic centimetres of the substance to be disinfected and the same quantity of the one-per-cent. mixture of hy- dronaphthol were added together. This gave five tenths of one per cent. (0-5 per cent.) of the hydronaphthol present, being five times above saturation. A Dilantin 200 Mg drop of the fluid containing the organism was, after two hours' exposure, in- troduced into the flasks containing sterilized solution of beef peptones, the culture medium generally used in disin- fectant experiments, and, after the standard length of time of exposure in the incubator (two hours), in all the tubes the respective organisms were found to be present. This showed that when the substance was present in a Cheap Dilantin mixture five times above saturation it was Dilantin Ex not germicidal to these organisms and spores. These experiments seemed to at once settle the question as to its germicidal powers. In order to test its power as an antiseptic, the following experiments were made : Eleven flasks were prepared, each containing 100 c. c. of solution of beef peptone, to which hydronaphthol was added in the following proportions : 1 to 100, 1 to 500, 1 to 800, 1 to 1,000, 1 to 2,000, 1 to 4,000, 1 to 6,000, 1 to 8,000, 1 to 10,000, 1 to 16,000, and. a flask in which none of the antiseptic was placed. These were inoculated with two drops of decomposed beef-tea, and placed in the incubator. The flask put up for comparison, and which contained none of the hydronaph- thol, broke Dilantin 500 Mg down completely in twenty-four hours. The other flasks, from the strongest up Too Much Dilantin to the l-to-6,000 solu- tion, and including the latter, after one hundred and twenty hours' exposure in the incubator, resisted the development of decomposition, the first failure taking place in the 1-to- 8,000 flask. The following is a summary of these experiments: 1. As a germicide it failed to disinfect decomposed beef-tea containing pathogenic organisms and spores when prcHont in O'o per cent. 2. It failed to prove germicidal to pure anthrax, pure subtilis, and pure micrococci, in the same -trength. 3. As an antiseptic it proved to lie active in ar- resting the development of the bacteria in the proportion '.f 1 Dilantin 1 G U» 6,000, and faileDilantin Xr necessarily destroying the organism upon which these changes depend, but rather whose potency is attributable to their influence in holding in check their development. Lister has given the name of "inhibitory"' agents, or antiseptics having an Dilantin Pharmacology " inhibitory action." f The importance of this distinction can not be overrated, for it has been the custom in the past to use the words "germicidal," " Dilantin 350 Mg disinfectant," and "antiseptic" in a loose manner, and, in some instances, as synonymous terms. The impropriety of this is at once obvious, and it is now grow- ing to be the custom to speak of such substances as are both germicidal and antiseptic as simply germicides or dis- infectants; while those which are antiseptic without pos- sessing the power of killing organisms endowed with a pe- culiarly tenacious hold upon life, such as those of anthrax and pathogenic micrococci, are called simply antiseptics. For the present, this distinction will perhaps be the best attainable, with our present want of knowledge of the life- history of these lower organisms. For instance, Sternberg J asserts, and there can be no reason for Dilantin 150 Mg questioning the opinion of this authority, that " the vital resistance of bac- terial organisms to chemical reagents differs, within certain limits, for different species." Hence, unless some standard of vitality, so to speak, were established, different observers would use the distinctive terms " disinfectant," " germicid- al," and " antiseptic " with different meanings, and no end of confusion would result. It is perhaps best, therefore, that the term germicide or disinfectant should be limited to such agents as will destroy reproductive spores, inasmuch as these possess powers of resistance far in excess of bac- terial organisms in which Dilantin 330 Mg active development takes place by the process known as " multiplication by fission." Taking, therefore, the reproductive spores, such as those of the anthrax bacilli, as the standard for the test of strength of a germicide, very few of the agents supposed to be active germicides are found to be efficient in solutions which would be safe to employ in practical surgical work. The most notable exception to this will be found in corro- sive sublimate, and, as elsewhere shown, this agent is not a stable antiseptic. But, when the next most popular anti- septic, carbolic acid, is brought forward for comparison, its impracticability for general use as a germicide will be at once apparent when the statement is made, upon Dilantin 230 Mg the authority of Koch,'* that, for the certain destruction of the spores of the anthrax bacilli, an aqueous solution of carbolic acid of the strength of 1 to 10 is necessary. This, for purposes of a])plication in wound treatment, is manifestly impracticable. The well recognized rule|| — that " The effect wkic/i a sub- stance introduced into a wound as an antiseptic may have on the exposed surfaces of the wound must be taken into consid- * Kocli, " Mittlu'ilungcn Dilantin 50 Mg
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