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after sterilizing, until needed for use. So purchase doxycycline also with horse- hair for sutures and drains, and rubber drainage-tubes; after sterilizing in mercuric-bichloride solution, the hydro- naphthol solution, from its reliability and absence of tend- ency to decompose, will be found far preferable for purposes of permanent preservation. I am led to emphasize this statement bv the fact that it has happened to me recently to find sponges, placed in a l-to-1,000 solution of corrosive subliuiate-whioh latter at first was certainly germicidal— after a few weeks developing a most sickening, putrid odor, and to afford other evidences of having undergone putre- fictive chancres, even showing a well-marked growth of mold upon the surface of the doxycycline 100mg solution in the screw-capped fruit-jar in which they had been placed. This can only be ■ittributed to the want of stability of the bichloride .solution and the decomposition of the sublimate in the solution into the submnriate, a very how to get doxycycline feeble as well as insoluble dismfect- ant This can not happen in the hydronaphthol solution, as the latter remains without change for an indetinite time (so far as can at present be ascertained), as well as preserves, a.rainst putrefactive changes, organic substances ol whatever nature, particularly if these have been previously subjected to the Germicidal action or sterilization of such a potent agent al a freshly prepared solution of corrosive sublimate. When a spray is used, a solution of the strength of one nor cent, in alcohol may be used in the rescrvo.r of the atomizer This, when mingled with the steam from the Loiler of the instrument, can be diffused in the atmosphere with advantai;e where it is considered that a spr.iy .-idds to the thorouu'hness of the antiseptic mea.sures. The softness doxycycline purchase online of the crystals of hydronaphthol and the 40-t SEXTON: NEGLECTED EAR DISEASE IN INFANTS. [N. Y. Mbd. Jotu., facility with which they cling to the meshes of gauze, cot- ton, jute, etc., render the substance peculiarly well adapted for incorporation in these materials for the purpose of doxycycline 100 ren- dering them permanently antiseptic for surgical purposes. Messrs. Seabury how to buy doxycycline gauze and cotton dressing containing twenty per cent, of the antiseptic, doxycycline online and I can testify to their effi- ciency and reliability. Cushion dressings where to get doxycycline of wood-flour, paper-wool, and saw- dust are used in my hospital service almost exclusively ; these can be readily saturated with a warm solution of hydro- naphthol in water of the strength of 1 to 500, in which also mercuric bichloride is dissolved in the same proportion. The bichloride in this solution will be sufficiently germicidal to destroy any possible source of infection, and the hydro- naphthol will furnish the permanent antiseptic. No chlo- ride of sodium need be added to the solution for the pur- pose of preventing the decomposition of the corrosive how can i get doxycycline sub- limate, as the latter will be sufficiently stable to perform its office of sterilizing the dressing, and, when this is accom- doxycycline to buy plished, it is of no further use, and, in fact, will soon be converted into buy doxycycline calomel. After saturating the wood-flour, sawdust, or paper-wool 100 mg doxycycline with the above-named solution, the two former should be spread out to dry in a place free from dust. If an alcoholic or benzole solution be used, doxycycline where to buy drying will go on rapidly and but slight risk be encountered of the materials becoming again infected by any possible floating germs in the air. In the case of paper-wool, the drying may be facilitated by running the material through a clothes-wringer. Should the sawdust or wood-flour dry in lumps, as it is apt to do when the watery solution is used for impregnating, these may be readily broken up by rubbing them through a common flour-sieve. When an alcoholic or benzole solution is used for the purpose, no such after-treatment of the wood-flour or sawdust is necessary.* It is sometimes thought to be good practice to dust along the line where can i buy doxycycline of incision some absorbent powder possess- ing antiseptic properties. For this purpose I doxycycline mg have found carbonate of magnesia, having triturated with it the hydro- naphthol in the proportion of 2 to 100, a very desirable and efficient substitute for iodoform. {To he coulinucJ.) TWO OASES OF lsEGLECTf:D EAR DISEASE IN INFANTS, UKSULTIXG IN UEATlLf By SAMUEL SEXTON, M. I)., AUnAL KUIIOBO.N TO TUB «ZV TOIIK BTE AND KAIt IXrillMARV. 'luAVE and doxycycline order even fatal car di.suasc in early life is of much more frcfpicnt occurrence, probably, than is generally sus- pected. Inflainiiiation of the niidiBliiiK t'o-' get doxycycline wtKxI-iloiir and xatvduHt will prvvout the ten- dency of ttic latter to fly nlioiit when Imndlcd. f ItenrI hy title fit the nnniinl iiieelin^ of (he Amirlean tXnldgiciil Society, July H, 1880. itself to the dura mater without the warning usually given by the occurrence of a discharge from the external auditory canal. Or the discharge, once established, may suddenly cease doxycycline cheap because of the closure of the outlet through the drum- head, the secretions escaping via the Eustachian tube, which is proportionately very large in infancy. The causes of special danger will be alluded to where can i get doxycycline farther on. In the two following cases, occurring in very young in- fants, however, early evidence was not wanting, even to the inexperienced, of serious aural trouble, and death was due to their neglect and ill-directed treatment.

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