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A further careful exploration showed the tumor Permethrin Elimite to grow from the lower and middle turbinated bones, and from the floor of the nostril for a Where Can I Buy Elimite distance of two inches and a half. Tbe septum was free. A rhinoscopic examination disclosed the tumor protruding into the Elimite Price post-nasal cavity and occupying about half of it. 1 proposed Elimite Cost a removal of tbe growth with the galvano-cautery 6cra- aeur and a subsequent cauterization of points of attachments as Elimite Cream Scabies offering the best chance of relief. November 18, 188-t, tbe patient submitted to operation, Dr. Delavan and Dr. Goodwillie being present and kindly giving their assistance. The patient being etherized, I passed the platiniim-wire Elimite Generic loop of the galvano-cautery icraseur about the tumor at its attachments and thus separated Permethrin 5 Cream Elimite it. Immediately afterward the seat of the growth was thor- oughly cauterized. Tbe loss of blood was inconsiderable. For a week after tbe operation a solution of bicarbonate of sodium and carbolic acid was injected into Elimite Otc tbe nostril many times a day; after this an ointment containing two grains Elimite Cream Over The Counter of iodoform to an ounce Where Can I Buy Elimite Cream of vaseline Permethrin Elimite Cream was applied to the healing surface three times a day. Elimite For Lice Two weeks after the operation the patient Elimite Lice was permitted to go to her home in Pennsylvania, with no diseased point dis- coverable and with Permethrin 5 Percent Elimite perfectly free respiration through the nostril. Mtiy 27, 18S5. — The patient returned at intervals of one or two months, the last time on this date, for observation. No further treatment has been necessary, as the parts are perfectly healthy. The integument, formerly discolored, has assumed a normal appearance. The remaining deformity is hardly notice- able, far less than the most Buy Elimite Cream hopeful would have expected. I present lierewith a specimen of the tumor mounted for microscopic examination, togetlier witli a report of the microscopic appearance, botli of which were made by my friend Dr. Frank Ferguson. Uis report I quote : " The cut surface is dark, with small areas of dark pray and flesh-colored tissue. Under the microscope the portion of tbe tumor which is flesh-colorod is composed of round and ovoid colls of medium size. The cells are close to Elimite Cream Otc each other and dis- tinctly nucleated. The darker portions of the tumor are hii'rn- orrhnpes. Tlio areas of dark pray are composed of large flat cells deeply pipnientod. The colls are supported by a stroma of iilirilhited anreceded by a concise statement Elimite Or Kwell of the essential ana- tomical and physiological questions involved. In the latter half of the volume the diseases of the periph- eral and sympathetic nerves receive attention. None of the subjects brought forward are treated of exhaust- ively ; nor can the author be justly taken to task for super- ficiality, since his very object is conciseness. Enough that he has fulfilled his task in a manner which leaves nothing to be desired. We have no hesitation in recommending this admirable little book to students and practitioners alike. BOOKS .\N"I) r.VMrill.KT.-: IfKrKlVKD. Medical Generic Elimite Communications of tbe Massachu.setts Medical So- ciety, Vol. xiii, No. 5, 1885. Hoston : Printed by David Clapp & Son, 85 Bedford Street, 1885. Pp. 321-501. And Proceed- ings of the Councillors. Pp. 85-113. Proceedings of the Connecticut Medical Society, 1885. Ninety-fourth Annual Convention, held at llartfonl. May 27th and 28tli. New Series, Vol. iii, No. 2. Published by the So- Elimite 5 Cream ciety, S. H. St. John, M. 1)., Secretary. Hartford. Conn. : Press of Ciu*, Lock wood, and Hraiuard I'ompany, 1885. Pp. 3-239. Vaginal Ilyslerecloiuy for Cancer. Hy A. Keeves .lacksoii,

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