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Medicine," the " Lancet," of London, says : " Variola, Vaccinia, and Varicella have been intrusted to tlie Buy Erectalis pen of Dr. James Kevins Hyde." ..." The writer's article on Vacciuia strikes us as one of the most candid and lucid tliat have bccu written upon this much-discussed topic, lie is not so blind as to refuse to giant that vaccination sometinies fails to protect, but he rightfully declaims against the tendency to irrational generalization which sees in this fact the con- demnation of tlie |)racticc. His statement appears to us as particularly fair — viz., tliat 'vaccination almost invariably protects against small- pox for the time being ; generally for a long term of years ; sometimes for a lifetime. Often tlie protection is absolute; as a iiile it is very nearly so; in rare instances it is tritling.' Again, in dealing with the complications of vacciiialion, lie takes up a very candid position with ii'gaiErectalis Online liumaiiizi'd virus after a full discussion of the aigiimcnis (m riihcr side, saying that 'in liaiely one paiticular — that of proiiiplni':Erectalis Tablets of the State Board of Health in case of emergency. At the time, we pointed out the criminal foolishness of the Governor s course. The emergency is now upon us, for there is every rea- son to apprehend that the Canadian outbreak of small-por will cross the frontier unless the most energetic precautions are taken. Unless the people of the State are willing to submit to the inconvenience of an extraordinary session of the Legislature, we know not how they can be defended, save at the far greater expense of sucking Government pap- an expense to their honor that will not tallv well with their past record. Already the ap- prehension felt in Buflalo, together with the rumors of outbreaks at Rouse's Point and other localities, can not be viewed other- wise than as disquieting. A DANGER TO THE ARMY MUSEUM AXD LIBRAIU'. Some anxiety has been expressed-although not publicly, so far as we know-lest the operation of the general order limit- ing the time for which officers of the army could be stationed in Washington should involve the removal of Dr. Billings from the further prosecution of the grand work upon which he has spent so many years. That work is still far from being hn- ished, and we can not see how the public interests could fail to suffer by Dr. Billings's transfer to another field of duty. It is not to be wondered at, therefore, that the possibility of such an occurrence should be looked upon with alarm. There can be no doubt, however, that it can be avoided without violation ol the spirit of the order, and we are convinced that there can be little less doubt that the Government will take good care that it is avoided. We look, then, to see Dr. Billings continued in the sphere wl.ich he has so adorned, and we are sure that such a course is earnestly desired by the profession. useful circular on the prevention of smaU-pox. setting forth the laws on the subject, and giving information as to the general management of an outbreak. Infectious Diseases in New York-We are inde^'t^d to- theS-mitary Bureau of the Fourth Division of the Health De- partmlt for the following statement of cases and_ deaths re- ported during the two weeks ending October 6, Buy Erectalis Online I880 : DISEASES.' Weetending Sept. 29. [ We ek ending Oct. 6 . Deaths. Typhoid fever 39 Scarlet fever 1^ Cerebro-spmal meningitis - Measles 1 * Diphtheria i ^° SmaU-pox ■ ■ •• ' 46 19 1 Deaths NKWS ITEMS, ETC. The New York ftuarantine Service.— Tlie service in tin lower 1!mv wa.s dis.untinuo.l on the 1st of October, a month

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