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earlier than usual, owing mainly, it is said, to the comparative freedom of Havana and other tropical ports from yellow fever. The Health of the State of New York. -The State Board ■ ,f liialth's •• MnMtMv IJiillftin " for the month of August shows u r.porttd mortality" of ~,'M, wl.icl. is cousidorably lower than that for .luly. Hut tliim it is cxi.lained, is partly accounted for l.y the failure to receive order eriacta reports from UutValo, Long Island City, and a number of largo village.-. The perreiitago of infant mor- tality was 4«-73. Zymotic diHoases cau.Hcd :i:i7:n deaUis in every l.Ooo, iliarrlio'al diseases 2:J0. c(msumptiou l'.2«-.s7. and acute renpiratory diseaHes 5Vr.2. The board has issued a most Precautions against Small-pox.-The Board of Health ot Fall River, Mass., has accepted an offer from the ^ew Hamp- shire State Board of Health, which proposes to --;;-^^ J ^^ inspection to all persons from the -''^f ,^^^:^'^«''7,f 'l";': who pass through the State en route for FaU River. The t.cke . wiU indicate whether the holders have been vaccinated : and, it a passenger from Canada can not buy sildenafil citrate online produce a ticket, the interence wm be that he has thrown it away, and he will accordingly be quarantined, unless he can account for its absence. The medi^ cal inspector at Fall River will vaccinate all who need i , and the most rigorous measures will be enforced to prevent the in- troduction of the disease into the city. The Contagious Pleuro-pnenmonia of Cattie is reported to have been wholly suppressed in Illinois, and the Governor of that State will therefore shortly take steps toward securmg a discontinuance of the quarantine measures adopted m other "'"tL Management of the Montreal Small-pox Epidemic having been offered to Dr. Edwin M. Snow, of I'-f ence Rhode Island, that gentleman is cheap eriacta reported to have accepted the offer conditionally. The Health of Foreign Cities. -We are indebted to the secretary of the National Board of Health for the following .ab- stract of reports order sildenafil citrate from our consuls, received at his office since I the date of the last bulletin, September 30th : ilontreal, Canada -For the week ending September -2911. : 297 deaths from small- pox occurred in Montreal during the week. From beptember sildenafil citrate 50mg o,;th to 29th, inclusive, there were -IS deaths from small-pox m the towns adjoining the city. The official cheap sildenafil citrate reporU give the fol- lowing record of deaths from the disease ,n Montreal to Sep- tember 23d: In ranbaxy eriacta April, 6; May, 10; Jutie, 13; July. 46; Au- gust 239; September 1st to 22d, inclusive, 524. Total to that date 838. The disease has spread with great rapid.tydunng September. During the first five days the deaths were . . ; or th'. week ending 12th, 12S; six days and purchase sildenafil citrate a half ^nJ'ng IMli 1H4; September 19th to 22d, inclusive, four days. 13o. 1 "ree Rirer., h.».../a.-For the week ending Sept.M„ber 2oth : o <.mse, and 1 death from smallpox; disease spreading through the .1- higes in the consular district. Toronto, Ca„ada.-^.\<.,„. .•H,,...-SeptemlH.>r Utlu tree from epidemic diseases. London, t:n,jland.-U>v ih. xveek end- ing September Ulh : '.» .lo,.ths from smallpox, including o of London residents who died outside of the registration district /.,.„>, France.- For the week ending SeptemWr 1' th : .death* from Muall-pox ; :U cases treated in hospit^d. B<.rd, x. trance. 410 MINOR PARAGRAPHS. eriacta uk fN. Y. Mkd. Julh., — For the week ending September 19tli: 4 deaths from small- pox. Barcelona, Spain. — September 1st to 10th : C23 cases and 802 deaths from cholera; disease assuming a milder form. Cadiz, Spain. — September 12th : Total mortality 155, average 40 ; excess attributed to cholera. Santaitder, Spain. — Septem- ber 19th : Cholera decreasing. Gihraltar, Spain. — By telegram September 30th : Authorities to-day issue clean bills of health. Valencia, Spain. — September 5th sildenafil citrate 100mg : Cholera decreasing; no new cases in the village during the week. Genoa, Italy. — Septem- ber 13th: 1 death from small-pox. Venice, Italy. — For the week ending August 29th : 6 buy eriacta deaths from small-pox. Palermo, Italy. — September ISth: Consul reports cholera increasing, and states that about forty thousand of the inhabitants have lied from the city. Trieste, Austria. — For the week ending Septem- ber 12th: 13J cases and 4 deaths from small-pox. buy eriacta online Antwerp, Belgium. — For the week ending September 12th : 4 cases of sraall-pox. St. Petersburg, Russia. — For the week ending Sep- tember 12th : 1 death from small-pox. Warsaw, Russia. — For the week ending September 12th: 2 deaths from small-pox. Calcutta, India. eriacta online — For the week ending August 22d : 14 deaths from cholera. Colombo, Ceylon. — For the week ending August 22d : 44 cases and 18 deaths from cholera Guaytnas, Mexico. — September 23d : Consul reports yellow fever increasing and be- coming more virulent; 138 cases and 36 deaths from the disease since September 1st; it has also appeared at Hermosillo. Ma- zatlan, Mexico. — buy sildenafil citrate September loth : Consul reports yellow fever present in sporadic cases; statistics of deaths can not be ob- tained ; authorities continue to issue clean bills of health. Dur- ing August 28th, 29th, and 31st, and September 1st and 2d (the report for August 30th has not yet been received), there were in Spain 17,147 cases of cholera and 5,460 deaths. The total number of cases and deaths from March 4th to September 2d is 232,105 cases and 86,692 deaths. Personal Items.— The " Medical Times," of Philadelphia, announces that Dr. George M. Sternberg, of the army, has been elected an honorary member of the Royal Academy of eriacta tablets Medicine, -of Rome; also that the following changes in the residences of Philadelphia physicians have been made: Dr. Roberts Bartho- low to 1525 and 1527 Locust ranbaxy eriacta 100 Street, Dr. Theophilus Parvin to 1718 Walnut Street, Dr. Charles K. Mills to 1909 Chestnut Street, and Dr. B. F. Baer to 2010 Chestnut Street, and that Dr. J. M. Holland has taken an office at No. 1914 Rittenhouse Square. Professor McCall Anderson sailed from New York by the Servia, Dr. Charles E. Sajous, of Philadelphia, by the West- «rnland, and Dr. W. L. Ranney, of New York, by the Adriatic, last week. The list of arrivals from abroad during the same week included the names of Dr. Major, of Montreal, Dr. G. H. Lyman, of Boston, and Dr. G. G. Wheelock, of New York. Onr readers will be glad to learn that Dr. Fordyce Barker has so far recovered his health as to be able to make a visit to Boston. An Attempt to "Boycott" a Physician is reported from

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