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two points of diagnostic importance: (1) Unreliability of gastric symptoms as evidence of gastric disease, and (2) the great value of cachexia as corroborative evidence Fosamax 35 Mg of malignant disease. Dr. Powell regarded the cachexia as a more certain sign of cancer than the presence of a tumor. As to ti-eatinent, the indications were to sustain strength and to relieve pain. A judicious selec- tion of food was necessary if the stomach be involved. Fatty, saccharine, and starchy foods were digestive chiefly in the in- Fosamax 70 testines, and hence were best when Fosamax With D the stomach was diseased. If the pancreas was the diseased organ, give meals, albuminoid substances, milk, etc., which were digested in the stomach ; but all food should be pancreatinized before it was used. If the liver was the diseased organ, allow both meat and fish, but not salted nor highly seasoned. Fosamax Buy Online Salt-water fish were believed to he best. Fruit and vegetables — raw or cooked as preferred — were allowable. Permit " amusement without excitement, exercise without fatigue, and nutrition without stimulation." To relieve pain and procure sleej), use opium or morphia. Fowler's solu- tion combined with bichloride of mercury; carbolic acid and tincture of iodine — one droj) each — and bismuth subnitrate, were the comnionly used Fosamax Online medicines. When bismuth was combined with atropia, it was useful in the salivation of cancer. Cun- durango and Chian luipentino had passed into oblivion, and alveloz would Fosamax Alendronate soon nlso he lorgolti'n. The .Etiology of Zymotic Diseases was i he title of a paper by Dr. M. A. Krsr, of Itichnioiid, Va. He lirst reviewod the evolutionary history of the bacteria from their discovery by Leeuweiihoek, in 1082, to the present time. The germ theory was evolved from the fernientalion theory — the morbid process of zymotic diMeiises being regarded as analogous to fermentation — the contagium playing the r/'de of the leaven, exciting fernieula- tion in the blood and humors of the body. When l.iebig appeared with his fascinating physico-chemieul fermentation theory, his application of it to explain tlio morbid proccKH of /.ymotic diseaMes was generally accepted, and for a long time his theory kept the yeast-plant — which, since its first Oct. 10, 1885.1 MISCELLANY. 419 discovei-y by Leenwenhoek, liad been repeatedly discovered, for- gotten, and re-discovered — in the background. When, finally, mainly through the efforts of Pasteur, the yeast-plant was uni- versally recognized, the medical mind, dropping Liebig's the- ory, came to the conclusion that, if the active principle Fosamax Lawsuit of fer- mentation was a living organism, the contagium of zymotic dis- eases must also be living Fosamax D matter. Thus the germ theory was Fosamax Femur ready to spring into life ; its way could never have been paved by practical medicine or clinical observations: the pathfinders were botanists, biologists, etc., who, by their researches and experimental studies concerning the fetiology of certain epidemic diseases among Fosamax Price plants and in- sects, disclosed in every instance, as the incontrovertible primary canse of the disease, the action of some low form of life. Dr. Eust then gave a detailed description of the silk- worm plague and its stay by Pasteur. It now stood clear before the minds of the young medical generation that similar organisms must be found as the Fosamax With Vitamin D primary canse of the infectious diseases of mam- malia — man included. And they were found at first, perhaps, in too great redundance for the credit of the theory. Dr. Price Of Fosamax Kust divided Fosamax 70 Mg Weekly the microbes into three classes: Those which were undoubted, those of questionable character, and those whose existence was placed by induction and analogy almost beyond doubt. The rapid progress made within the last deeennium Fosamax 70 Mg justified the hope that all remaining obscurities as to the relation be- tween microbes and disease would soon be elucidated. After this, however, there still remained three perplexing questions : First, Whence came these numerous species of microbes? The view hitherto entertained that miasms or germs were held in suspense by the air we inhale or by the water we drink was held by Dr. Kust to be fallacious. Any substance present in the air of a locality must have its source in the soil beneath or Fosamax Plus D emanate from an object on the soil, whence it was continu- ally renewed; and what the water contained in solution or suspension was also derived from the surrounding soil, or had found its way into it from without. The soil from the surface down to a considerable depth was the habitat of the bacteria, whence they arose in the form of the finest dust. Not from the streets of our over-filled cities (provided they were broad enough to Buy Fosamax give free access to sunshine) arose this dust; it arose from the soil into our crowded, unventilated houseo as the smoke from the hearth was drawn up into the chimney. No amount of sanitary measures hitherto devised would save a densely populated city from dying out in two or throe (jenerations (unless filled up by immigration) so long as the modern architect was allowed full sway. Dr. Alendronate Fosamax Kust discussed the various views advanced concerning the transmutability of bacteria, the change from the specific into the nonspecific form, and tire rerna, and held that our present state of knowledge admitted neither attirmation nor de- nial. The second que.stioii was. How does the morbid process of bactorial disease ever Fosamax Mg como to a happy end ? Since the dovolopinent of the germ theory wo had arrived at the perception that wo had to reckon with two factors: the collular resisting power on the one himFosamax 10 Mg microbes wore HHtTicient to generate disoaso, what would happen to the diirlors who wore daily and hourly exponed to their oMHlnuglitf InToction or imniunity, abortive or fully-dovelopod form of Iho (liNuaHe, recovery or fatal end, were the resultants of the CDrrolation botweon collular-resi^ting power and the intensity and nuiiioroHity uf tho invading microbes. Bat how should we physiologically conceive this cellular- resisting power ? On this point we were still in the dark. A

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