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gleam of light was, however, dawning in the distance. The white corpuscles, leucocytes, or migratory cells which circulated in the blood and were to be met with in every multi- cellular organism, glucophage cost constituting the blood of the white-blooded animals, and being present in the tissues of the lower animals which had no vascular system — these leucocytes, identical with the amoeba found in all stagnant waters, had formed the object of the particular studies made by Dr. MetschnikofF, of Odessa. Tie could only make bis experiments on animals (Bipinaria, As- teridse, etc.) which were of such exquisite trausparency that all occurrences price of glucophage within the living animal could be accurately ob- served from without. Just as one saw the amoeba eating under the microscope, Metschnikoff could observe through the trans- parent teguments of those animals the leucocytes eat up all foreign bodies. It seemed that, by the division of labor in the multicellular organism, these leucocytes (which Metschnikoff had named phagocytes — eating-cells) had assumed the task of eating up all heterogeneous and waste matter, and eliminating what they could not digest. The question now arose whether the phagocytes, buy glucophage online if they ate up all foreign bodies, would not likewise eat up intrusive mi- crobes? The experiments hitherto made by Metschnikoff" seemed to answer in the affirmative, and, should these experiments and observations prove conclusive, recovery or fatal end of the dis- ease would depend on the proportion between the number of the phagocytes and the number of the microbes. The impene- trable mystery of glucophage mg the cellular-resisting power would have re- solved itself into a prosaic, tangible eating power. The third question was. How was immunity effected through vaccination ? There were numbers of untenable, explanatory theories in the field. Instead of descanting upon them, as was his inten- tion. Dr. Kust tablet glucophage referred to the exhaustive criticism of these theo- ries by Dr. Sternberg, U. S. glucophage buy Army, which appeared in the London "Lancet," June, 1885. In his explanation of immu- nity Dr. Sternberg rightly assigned the first rank to vital power, but glucophage generic the causative relation of vaccination to imniunity still re- mained unexplained. While Metschnikoff's eating-cells brought a solution, minds prone to speculation might, even at this early hour, be led to advance the following theory: That the order glucophage first meal of microbes eaten by the phagocytes might prove cost of glucophage so acceptable that in future they would always be ready to consume any re;uionable number of the same kind of microbes glucophage xr 500mg that might present them- selves: and this theory would rest on foundations glucophage diabetes possibly more solid than those of any other theory concerning vaccination ab yet in the field. ( To be coneludcd.) jRfl i s t f 1 1 :ni 11 . The International Medical Congrew.— Tlio " I'aiindn Mc^IIobI and Surgical ■lournal " says : '• Tlio now rniiiniittoa nu-t in Xo» York cnrly month and pro- coihIoiI to do Iho best tboy oould with Iho class of profos.«ion«I material at thoir liisposiil. Tho iiominnlions of now presidents of the sections soom, in tho mnjority of instam-os, moot oxImonHniiry. Wo are near oniiugh to tho SlntoH, nnil faniiliiir onouph with Amorican litoratiiro, to know pretty woll tho nanios of Iho loaders in tho dilToront dopartnionlx of moiUrinp anil unrgory. hut of tho sovonton nanios of chairmen of sootiona there are Iwolvo alisoluU-ly unknown to us as represenlaliroa AW MISCELLANY. IN. Y. Wed. Jopb. in their different departments. We ask of many, in blanli astonish- ment, Who are they ? What have they done ? Where do they live ? Truly the committee is sunk low when it must place such men at the head of important sections in an international gathering. The con- trast between some of the past and present nominees would be simply ludicrous, were it not painful. The glucophage xr association is determined to have the Congress, and the remnant of distinguished men such as Flint, N. S. Davis, and Dalton, who have cast their fortunes with it, may do much to save glucophage 500mg it from being an absolute failure, but the leaders of the profession, and the workers who glucophage online have made American medicine and surgery known here and in Europe, are not in it. The play will go on, but with Autolycus disguised as Hamlet." When the foregoing was written, our contemporary was of course not aware that Dr. Dalton had declined to hold the position to which he had been nominated. Tlie " Canadian Practitioner " says : " The new committee met in New York, September 3d, and made some concessions to public opinion, though not so many as we hoped to see. They amended the rule of membership so as to give represen- tation to societies in special departments, and allow the so-called new- code men to become members of the Congress without the privileges of holding any offices. There was apparently no direct effort made to bring back the eminent men who have withdrawn from the organiza- tion. Until this is done it is hardly possible for the proceedings of the committee to command glucophage tablets the respect and confidence of the medical world, which is looking on with fear and trembling. " Among the most important acts of the last meeting was the elec- tion of Dr. N. S. Davis, of Chicago, to the office of Secretary-General. This will meet with general approval. The committee will get a fair support in New York, particularly from the Bellevue men. The name of Austin Flint, Sr., will be worth much among the shattered glucophage sr fragments that remain. Many able men in different cheap glucophage parts of the Union will assist. We may derive what comfort we can from these considera- tions ; but, after all, the broad, sad fact remains that the cream is prin- cipally gone, and we are left to feast on skimmed milk." The Proposed New National Medical Association, — Commenting on the proposal to form a new national medical association in the United States, the " Canadian Practitioner " says : " It has been proposed to organize in the United generic for glucophage States a medical association, corresponding to glucophage price the Zurich Academy of Medicine, limited in numbers, and so honorable a body that membership in it would carry the highest reward that American physicians would have to hope for.

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