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Oct. 17, 1885.] FOLK: AN ADDRESS ON RELIGION AND MEDICINE. 423 skillful, though well-meaning and even enthusiastic ecclesi- astics. The consequences of this unfortunate and, for medicine, disastrous antagonism advil and ibuprofen were seen in the gradually increasing credulity and imposture which in succeeding ages marked the practice of our profession. For at length it came to pass that there was an almost universal reliance dosage for ibuprofen on miracu- lous interventions, shrine and relic cures, as a means of healing the sick and use of ibuprofen maimed. This method of pursuing medicine as a practical art reacted on its pursuit as ibuprofen and acetaminophen a scientific study, checked its de- velopment, dose for ibuprofen and tended to its debasement. But the faithful of that age have their representatives among us even now, save that now they are to be found only among the igno- rant. And, after all, the mistake committed by the. fathers was that which all ages ibuprofen and motrin have witnessed— the blindness of man to the blessings God has already given dose ibuprofen him in the wonders of this creation if he will only acetaminophen or ibuprofen have the wisdom and patience to put forth his mind and develop them. While such was the fate of our science under ibuprofen use the direc- tion of the early ecclesiastics of the Christian Church, by one of those seeming inconsistencies which Providence sometimes displays in its workings, the Mohammedan faith was being illuminated through the influence of medical philosophy. When" first the children motrin is ibuprofen of the prophet overran the east- ern and southern portions ibuprofen motrin of the Roman Empire they scorned all learning not contained in the limited pages of the Koran. But through the influence of the Nestorians in Asia, and the Hebrews in Spain and Africa, these fanatics soon became enthusiastic admirers of learning. The man- ner in which this was brought about is a great tribute to the virility and universality of the principles of our pro- dose of ibuprofen fession. The Mohammedan, the Hebrew, dosage of ibuprofen and the Nestorian found tiic pivot of their faith to be the same. All believed in the unity of God. But one of the party, however, ac- cepted Mohammed as his prophet. Draper, in speaking of this, says: "No doubt estrangement on this point might have arisen, but a remarkable circumstance opened the way for a complete understanding between them. Both the Hebrews and the Nestorians had been among the most te- nacious and successful devotees to the study of medicine, and the Hebrews especially had long produced distin- guished physicians. These studies formed a neutral ground on which the three parties could unite in harmony, and so thoroughly did the Arabians alHIiate with these their teach- ers that their physicians became their great philosopliers, their medical colleges their centers of learning." Medical philosophy, thus finding shelter with the Mo- iiaumn-daii and doing so much fi>r their elevation and refine- ment, widening thus its influence, was naturally viewed by Ihe Iloman branch of the Church as even more offensive than wlien allied to the ancient philosophies; and when it became eviibuprofen mg these, as a rule, so cloaked it with the theories of the alchemist as to accomplish no more than the keeping alive an ill-directed spirit of fantastic in- quiry. By the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries Arabian medicine had made such inroads that the awakening spirit of Christian civilization began to avail itself of its enlight- enment, and then we find numerous instances of a liberal patronage being extended to our profession by the great men of the Church. And yet the ancient attitude toward medical culture — toward its pursuit as a department of science — had been too firmly imbedded to be easily uprooted ; and even to this day, in spite of the upheavals of the Reformation, a remnant of that prejudice is witnessed in certain European countries in the social status accorded to the members of the profession. But it is not disloyal in us to believe that, while the early Church felt constrained to antagonize medicine as a department of science, it was forced into the antagonism that it mi^ht all the more securely lay broad the founda- tions of that grand system of morals 600 ibuprofen for the lack of which Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Mohammedan civilizations, beino- weicfhed in the balance of human destiny, were found wanting; without which this glorious civilization of the nineteenth century could never have been attained. And in this era we can say that, in that she has acetaminophen with ibuprofen given us this wonderful dosage ibuprofen age, with all of its possibilities and achievements, she has fully compensated for every repression. With that early Church the problems were indeed mo- mentous, and the power with which she rose to the fulfill- ment of advil ibuprofen her mission was such as to draw from one of her keenest critics the following eloquent tribute : " From her central seat at Rome her all-seeing eye, like that of Providence itself, could e((ually take in a hemi- sphere at a elanec or examine the private life of an indi- vidual. Her boundless influence enveloped kings in their palaces, and relieved the beggar at the monastery gate. In all Europe there was not a man too obscure, too insignifi- cant, or too desolate for her. Surrounded by her solemni- ties, every one received his name at her altar ; her bells chimed at his marriage; her knell tolled at his funeral. She extorted from him the secrets of Ids life at her con-

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