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fessional, and punished his faults by her penances. " In his hour of sickness her servants sought him out, teaching him Buy Imigran Online by her exquisite litanies and prayers to place his reliance on God, strengthening him for the trials of life by the example of the holy and the just. " Her prayers had an eflicacy to give repose to the souls of his dead. When even to his friends his lifeless body had become an offense, in the name of (iod she received it into her consecrated gronn.l, and under her shadow he rested Generic Imigran until the great reckoning-ilay. " From little belter than a slave she raised his wife to be his equal, an.l. forbidding to have more than one, met her 42J: CURRIER: OONORRHCEA IN THE FEMALE. [N. ■?. Med. Jouh., recompense for those noble deeds in a firm friend at every fireside. " Discountenancing all impure love, she put round that fireside the children of one mother, and made that mother little less than sacred in their eyes. " In ages of lawlessness and rapine among people but a step above savages, she vindicated the inviolability of her precincts against the hand of power, and made her temples a refuge and sanctuary for the despairing and oppressed. Truly she was the shadow of a great Rock in many a weary land!"* C^rigtnal Communicatioits. GONOEKHCEA IN THE FEMALE.f Bt ANDREW F. CURRIER, M. D., NEW TOKK. A PAPER with this title was published by me in the "New York Medical Journal" for January 10 and 24, 1885, in which the hope was expressed that the attention of the profession in this country might be directed to this disease, which was believed to be much more frequent in its occur- "rence and important in its bearings than was usually sup- posed, even by well-informed members of the profession. Various reasons have been given why this disease should be practically ignored by the body of the profession, Imigran Price and notably by the gynsecologists, within whose field its con- sideration would naturally occur. The principal ones al- leged Buy Cheap Imigran are the difficulties in its diagnosis and the poor results ■which attend its treatment. This is Buy Imigran a Order Imigran humiliating confes- sion when Sanger's statement is considered, that more than one ninth of all gynecological cases arc now believed to be of gonorrhoea! origin. It seems additionally strange, also, when one considers the great prevalence of gonorrhoea in the male, and the attention which is devoted to its nature and treatment. I trust I may be pardoned if I draw somewhat upon the paper to which I have referred ; perhaps also some points in this paper, which may seem incomplete, will be found to be treated with greater thoroughness in the former one. The only claim which is made for this paper is that it is mainly a reaume, as faithful as possible, of the work which ha« been done in the investigation of this disease. The conciutiifins of the former paper, which subsequent experi- ence Imigran Cost and reflection liavc not induced rac to modify, were : 1. (jonorrh'ta in the female deserves more thorough in- \(;Htigation than it has yet received, especially in the light • .f recently CMtablished facts. -'. Tlie diagnosi.H of the disease, with Imigran Online im[)rer. t Iteod licforf 111"' M>Order Imigran Online true gonorrhoea, both as to its nature and its ef- fects, and other mucoid discharges from the female genital tract. As a corollary to the foregoing statements, while in- vestigators difEer as to the significance of the Imigran Mg micrococcus of gonorrhoea, its constant presence in Imigran Tablets the discharges is not denied. 4. Gonorrhffia in the female is identical with gonorrhoea in the male ; the fact of individual peculiarities and suscep- tibilities is not questioned. 5. A series of careful investigations in well-defined cases, in a hospital or other place in which the changes and developments can be accurately noted, is desirable. No line of treatment can be recommended as unfailing and Purchase Imigran entirely satisfactory until the results of such investigations are known. No important contribution to this subject has been made in American literature, in so far as I can ascertain, with the exception of Dr. Noeggerath's notable paper, which was read before the American Gynaecological Society in 1876, having been previously published at Bonn, in the German language, in 1872. It is but just to say that Dr. Noegge- rath's views inaugurated an epoch in the history Purchase Imigran Online of this dis- ease. They were received with great incredulity by the

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