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aphonia, I concluded that it was a case of malingering with the purpose of exciting the alarm and sympathy of some one. Act- ing on Buy Lopressor Online this presumption, her escort was excluded from the room anlopressor 12.5 mg ; there remained but the last resort of intimi- dation. She was assured that repeated applications of a laryn- goscopic throat mirror sufficiently heated would restore her voice. She bore a few introductions with considerable courage, but soon perceiving, by the lopressor 25 mg persistency of the applications, that I lopressor hct was confident of success, she at last began speaking in lopressor 25mg mono- syllables, and, in conclusion, narrated the cause of her trouble as the Lopressor Mg result of a quarrel with her lover. All efforts to make her confess that her silence had been only voluntary were use- less. Her companion, who Lopressor Xl lopressor 50mg lopressor price had exhibited the utmost solicitude for her, was overjoyed at the speedy Lopressor 100 Mg cure. I was called to see a negro boy of eight years who had Lopressor Online be- come suddenly mute a few hours before. The other members of the house were much alarmed, and the mother was so agi- tated that it was with dithculty that a history could be obtained. The boy had recently had ROtheln, which was followed by a bronchitis, but was thought to have recovered. Nothing had occurred, my informant said, that could have possibly induced the child to become mute eitlier from anger or disappointment, and yet a search for other causes was fruitless. The patient lay on a couch placid and at ease. Kecollecting the lopressor 50 mg experience in tlio former case, I became convinced that tins Order Lopressor was a similar one. The room was therefore cleared, purchase lopressor and I attempted to elicit a word by a variety of arguments and questions. The result was u signal failure. The boy lopressor 25 maintained a stolid look and an- swered only with motions of the head. A forcible introduction into the mouth of u spoon-handle and the threat of a hot iron were of more avail. In Cheap Lopressor his alarm ho began to cry for his mother. .She, however, could not be mn. Appleton & Co., 1886. Pp. xviii- 7t>3. [Price, cloth, if*! ; sheep, $(>.] The Essentials of Histology, Descriptive and Practical, for the Use of Students. By E. A. Schufor, F. R.S., .KMlroU Pro- fessor of Physiology in University College, etc. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co.. 1885. Pp. viii-245. Laparotomy for Ovarian Cyst. By A. W. lopressor 50 Leigliton, M. 1).. New lopressor 12.5 Ilnven, t'onn. (From the Proceedings of the Connecticut Mvdical Society, 1885.) Pp. Buy Lopressor 4. 438 LEADING ARTICLES. |N. Y. Mud. Jouh., NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL,

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