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a short, thick bacterium in the vaginal secretion, swelled by coloring agents and looking like a diplococcus. Bumm and Bockhart profess to have found neurontin price comparison the " semmelformig '" diplo- coccus in the secretion of the female genitals, in diphtheritic sores, in ulcerative process in the mouth, and in a prep- aration of the sputum of a neurontin discount card patient with whooping-cough. Welander f found Neisser's gonococcus in all cases in which he looked for it — among 129 cases of acute and 15 cases of chronic urethral blennorrhoea ; neurontin price increase even cases of eight to six- teen months' duration were not excepted. Neisser twice saw profuse purulent discharge from the urethra of a man which occurred generic neurontin solution after very frequent cathe- terization preparatory to lithotrity. The secretion contained abundant evidence of the presence of bacteria, but no trono- cocci were found. In my case of successful inoculation of a pure cultivation of gonococcus I proceeded in the following manner: The cul- tivation medium was serum of the blood of the ox, prepared according to Koch's directions, being heated daily one hour, for six successive days, to 58"^ C, and thus sterilized and ge- latinized by subjecting the serum to a temperature of 05° C. A small i|uantity of fresh pus from a case of acute urethral gonorrhflea was allowed to drop from the urethra on to the sterilized platinum-wire, and then to drop off the latter, leav- ing only a generic neurontin gabapentin thin layer of pus on the wire ; the wire, thus charged, wjjs thrust into the firm blood-serum in three or four different places, and the fest-lube closed with sterilized cotton-wool ; a number of test-tubes were thus planted and placed at once neurontin price streets in the neurontin price without insurance incubator, the temperature of which was maintained in different cultivations at Si^-aO^ C. After about twenty-four hours, further inoculations wore made from the first tubes. With the seventh generic neurontin available generation 1 inocu- lated a huinnii conjunctiva. Tho caso was one of granular • V. Kkliiiid, " Note sur les microbes de In blennorrhagie," citeii in Scbniicjl's " Jatirliiicber," IM. cxcvii, 188.S, p. I.S9. t Keviewcd in " Vicrlcljuliro.'i.schrift f. Pcrniatolopic u. Sjpliilis," 1884, p. 178. 450 ANDREWS: CONTAGIOUS GONJUNCTlVITtS. [N. Y. Mbo. Jodb., conjunctivitis in stadio eicatricio and with dense pannus, but without purulent secretion or any discoverable cocci in the conjunctival secretion. The choice of treatment lay between the use of jequirity and inoculation with gonorrhneal pus. Nothing was concealed from the patient, and he sanctioned the inoculation with full knowledge of what the consequences might be. I had unsuccessfully inoculated so many differ- ent animals with cultures of the gonococcus that I generic neurontin manufacturers hailed with extreme delight this opportunity to make the trial in the case of a human being. Three weeks previous to this operation I had inoculated the same eye with a pure cultiva- tion of the coccus taken from my own saliva, the result hav- ing been negative. I prepared the conjunctiva for the re- ception of the pure cultivation of the gonococcus by washing the conjunctival surface for several days with pure neurontin mg water. I then conveved the cultivation to the conjunctival sac and bound up the eye with a roller bandage and absorbent cotton-wool, due attention having been given to the con- dition of these things. The result was a perfect picture of gonorrhoeal conjunctivitis with abundant evidences of the presence of the gonococcus. Bockhart * obtained a successful inoculation, from a pure cultivation (gelatin) of the fmirlh generation of the gonococcus, on the sound human urethral mucous membrane. The subject of the experiment was a forty-six-year-old para- neurontin 200 mg lytic whose death was expected daily. generic neurontin 300mg On the sixth day a typical gonorrhoea was formed, which increased in sever- ity up to the twelfth day, when the patient died. The characteristic gonococci were found in the secretion. Sternberg's criticism on this case is, that the fourth suc- cessive cultivation is not sufficient to insure the exclusion of the original material — " a hypothetical non-living virus " — " when the cultivation is conducted upon a solid neurontin prices generic substratum." Sternberg did not succeed in producing urethral gonor- rhoea in himself and two others with a pure culture of the gonococcus. Loeffler and Leistikow f had negative results after inocu- lation of apes, dogs, and rabbits with a pure growth of the gonococcus. Krause J cultivated the cocci from ophthalmia noonati on blood-serum, and with the pure cultivation inoculated the Cornea, conjunctival sac, and urethra of full-grown rabbits, and adopted the same neurontin price procedure in the case of young cats, pigeons, and mice; neurontin discounts but these experiments, as well as subcu- taneous inoculation of rabbits and mice, were without re- sult. Krause then inoculated the conjunctival sac of new- born rabbits (six to ten days old) with the same cultiva- tions (from ophthalmia nconati), and produced a purulent conjunctivitis, which was present twenty-four liours after the neurontin 600 mg high transfer, and in the course of the following days became more intenne. Three of the rabbits died, on the fifth and seventh days after the inoculation, from other oanses; one animal lived for some time; in this one, on (he tenth day there had developed a very profuse purulent • " nvitniK ziir Actioloxic neurontin 300 mg pain uiid I'ntliolo^o dc-s IlniiitrippcrH : " " Vicr- t«ljn)iraiKclirirt f. Dvniiatolupc u. Syphilis," 1883, Ilcft i, neurontin 800mg p. 8. f " Vcrliiimlliiiip'ii dcr GcHt-llAcliBrt der Clinrit6-A(Tzlc zu lloilin," 8itzuiig vuin in Fi-bruiir, 1882. X "f.'iitriilliliitt f. pnikl. Aiigcnlicilk.," Muy, 1882, p. neurontin 300 mg for nerve pain 137. discharge from the conjunctiva; the pus had the ordi- nary cheesy character of rabbit's pus, and contained, in addition to bacterial contaminations, numerous cocci which were somewhat smaller than those of Neisser. On the fol-

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