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tiiological & Medical Serials PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE CARDS OR SLIPS FROM THIS POCKET UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LIBRARY The subject of consumption among our North American aborigines presents dapoxetine india some interesting problems to the cli- matologist. We have permanently established on our soil three of the most diverse varieties of the human species. Two of these have been introduced within a recent historic period ; the third has dwelt in priligy price the land during a lapse of time which may be estimated only by the geologist; yet we find to-day priligy cost among the autochthons a much higher death-rate than among the exotic races. From the census purchase priligy of 1880 we learn that the death-rate — )'. e., the number of deaths during the year to one thousand of population — is for the three races as follows: Europeans, 17 - 74; Africans, 17-28; aboriginal Americans, 23-6. Now the question arises, To what particular cause or causes is this high rate of mortality among the Indians es- pecially due buy cheap priligy ? On this point the Tenth Census seems to leave us not a moment in doubt. In Vol. XI — that on "Vital Sta- tistics," by Dr. J. S. Billings," U. S. A.— we find a table (14) and a diagram (p. xxxvii) showing for whites, colored, and Indians, dapoxetine purchase the proportions of deaths from specified diseases in one thousand deaths from known causes. The diagram is based on the table ; but I will allude more to the former, since it gives at a glance the solution to our question. In this diagram there are twenty causes of death specified, and under each the three races are indicated by order priligy spaces differ- ently shaded. Under the heading of " Other Diseases of the Respi- ratory online priligy System " the mortality of the red and black races is about the same. Under eleven headings the black exceeds notably the red in mortality. Only under eight heads does the red notably exceed the black in its death-rate. Six of these are : accidents, diarrhoeal diseases, measles, affections of pregnancy, scrofula and tabes, and venereal diseases. Of the latter Dr. Billings says (op. cit., p. xxxvi): "The high proportion of deaths among the Indians which is reported as due to venereal diseases is noteworthy, but probably a part of this is due to a greater readiness to name the true cause dapoxetine online among these people than exists among the whites." From my own experience of the ease with which Indian women travail, and the universal corrobative testimony of explorers and ethnographers, I marvel at the figures given under " affections of pregnancy," which, though not form- ing an priligy tablets important factor in the Indian death-rate, seem more fatal to the Indian than to the negro. In diarrhoea! diseases the Indian rate is not greatly in excess of that of the other classes. Measles, although most fatal in the Indians, gives a mortality of only 61-78 in a thousand. Notwithstanding the perils of a hunter's life, and of life under any circum- * Read before the American order priligy online Climatologies] Association at ic- third annual meeting. stances on the frontier, we find that in purchase priligy online deaths from injuries, although the rate for Indians is more than that for whites, it is less than for the colored race. But it is under the head of consumption that the Indian column is seen to rise con- spicuously from 186 in the colored race to 286 in the In- dian. A glance at the diagram shows that this is their spe- cially fatal disease. Scrofula and tabes, being so closely allied to consumption, the numbers under this heading do little more than add to the testimony regarding the preva- lence of the latter malady. Comparing the Indian and white races, we find that from ten of the twenty causes the mortality of the latter is nota- bly greater, under two headings it is nearly the same, and again we see under the title "Consumption " the Indian column rising far above the white, which is about dapoxetine in india 166 in a thousand — i. e., 20 less than the colored. The probable inaccuracy of these Indian statistics is ful- ly recognized in the Report, and it may be fairly urged in many cases, but with less justice, I imagine, with regard to consumption than with regard to many other causes of death. In its earlier stages consumption is a malady which often only the most skilled diagnostician can detect ; yet in buy priligy its later stages it is easily recognized. Above all, a death from consumption — using the term in the broad sense, in which it is necessarily employed here and in the vital statistics — is rarely assigned to another cause even by the layman. We will next endeavor to determine if this disease al- ways existed among the Indians to the same extent that it does now, or if it has increased of late years under the influ- ence of the many complex causes which, not clearly analyz- ing, we are accustomed to epitomize in the expression "con- tact with civilization." My own professional experience among our American aborigines includes a period of twenty-one years, and was gained among the Indians of a dozen different States and territories. Wherever I have sojourned I have always made it a point to give my professional services to Indians un- grudgingly and gratuitously, and for this reason I have had as good opportunities for observing their ailments as usually fall to the lot of the civilized physician. dapoxetine buy In no place where 1 have practiced among them have I failed to observe or generic priligy learn of cases of consumption except in Owen's Valley, Cali- fornia, a locality which is favored with perhaps the most salubrious climate within our borders. It mav have existed there, but it did not come to my knowledge during cheap priligy a resi- dence of nearly one year in an Indian population of about eight hundred. Yet even here Bymptoms of scrofula were not entirely wanting. dapoxetine hydrochloride My first experience with Indians as a physician was among some of the wildest tribes then existing on our con- tinent, among those least influenced by civilization, prospei oils, well nourished, dwelling in the heart of the buffalo- buy priligy online

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