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Agnew was chosen president, and Dr. proventil mdi J. A. Andrews secretary. coupon for proventil The meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month, excepting July, August, and September. The late Professor Charles Robin is thus spoken of by the Paris correspondent of the London " Medical Times and Ga- zette": "The history of Professor Hobin was for a long space ot time the history of medical microscopy itself, and he stood prominent as the repre.seutative of that branch of study in ojiposition to Velpeau and proventil coupons other practical and clinical teachers, who endeavored to cast ridicule upon the microscope and his- tology as viewed in relation to medical science. The triumph of Kohin appeared complete when, in 1861, a chair of histology was created at the Faculty of Medicine, of which he beciime, of course, the first occupant. His success was great at first, but he soon became unpopular with the students on account of his extreme severity as an examiner ; while, on the other hand, the clerical party, then predominant, were incensed at the so-called materialistic proair proventil tendencies of his lectures and writings. The cora- hinalion of those two hostile forces led to proventil coupon violent scenes, in which the professor was hissed, abused, and prevented from s|>eaking. At a later period ho regained his popularity through the petty persecution;* of the clerical party, which, proventil inhaler coupon among other annoyances, oxcludeil him from the list of persons qualified to sit upon a jury, although at this time Kohin was unquestionably one of the most celebrated men of science in Europe. Ho had hecomo, in spite of strenuous proventil inhaler opposition, a member of the In- proventil hfa coupon stitute in 1866. When tlie Senate was created in 1870, Robin was named a Senator by his native department (Ain). Ho re- 460 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. [N. y. Miti>. JouH., maineJ a member of tlie Assembly till bis death, although in politics, like many proventil 90 mcg scientific and literary (selebrities. he was con- teut to play a dumb part. Indeed, both bis qualities and de- tects made him unfit to play the part of a Demosthenes; he had neither the eloquence nor the assurance which are the stamps of the i)olitical orator, and which are seldom developed by a severe process of scientific training. Eobin was one of the chief disciples of Auguste Corate, and one of the founders of the celebrated Societe de biologie, along with his intimate friend, Claude Bernard. He was also closely connected with buy proventil online Littrfe, and became with him one of the joint editors of the Dictimmaire de yysten, which, although in the beginning a mere vocabulary of words employed in medical science, became a stumbling-block to orthodox believers and a sort of gospel to the followeis of positivism, through the extreme boldness of some of its defini- tions, those, for instance, of Ame, Homme, and a few others of the same description. In private life Robin was a most amiable and disinterested man. All his pupils were much attached to him, and he will be sincerely regretted by his numerous friends." Obituary Notes.— The death of Dr. William Workman, of Worcester, Mass., took place on Saturday, October 17th, in the eighty-seventh year of his age. He was born in Colerain, Mass., was graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1825, and be- came a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society in order proventil 18.31. After practicing in Shrewsbury, Mass., for ten years, in 1835, he settled in Worcester, where he has proventil price since resided. He was for ten years a trustee of the Worcester State Lunatic Hospital. Army Intelligence.— (9^cw? LM of Changes in the Sta- ti«m and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Department United States Army, from October 11 to October 17, 1885: Ikwix, B. J. D., Lieutenant-Colonel and Assistant Medical Pur- veyor. Ordered from Department of Arizona to New York city for temporary duty in charge of Medical Purveying Depot at that place, relieving Captain Henry Johnson, Medical Storekeeper. S. O. 233, A. G. proventil cost O., October 10, 1885. MoRBis, Edward R., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon (recently appointed). Ordered for duty in Department of the Missouri. S. O. 233, A. G. O., October 10, 1885. Naval Intelligence.— C|/«ciaZ List of Changes in the Medi- cal Corps of the United Stales Navy for the week ending October 17, 188',. Baldwin, L. B., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, and ordered to Navy-Yard, proventil albuterol Mare Island. Dickinson, D., Surgeon. Detached proventil nebulizer from buy proventil Naval Hospital, Mare Island, and ordered to Training Ship Portsmouth as relief to Surgeon A. M. Moore. MooKE, A. M., Surgeon. Detached from Training Ship Ports- mouth, and to await orders. Shaker, Joseph, Assistant Surgeon. Detached from Receiving Ship St. Loui.s, and ordered to Naval Ilo.spital, Philadelphia, us relief of Passed Assistant Surgeim Baldwin. IIestek, F. a., ventolin proventil Assistant Surgeon. Detached from U. S. S. Minnesota, and ordered to the Tennessee us relief of Passed Assistant Surgeon Nelson II. Drake. DiiAKK, NEi.floN II., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detiiched from the Tenncss('(^ Hint inst., and to await orders. Marine-Hospital Service. — Official List of Changes of Slatioru, and Ijiilirj, of Mcdiral Officers of the United State* Marine- Hospital Serrice, for the xrcek ended Octohrr 10, 1885. IJaii.maciie, P. H., Surgeon. To proceed to Tuckorton, N. J., proventil hfa inhaler an inspector. October proventil inhalers 7, 188D. Austin, H. W., Surgeon. To proceed to Albany, N. Y., on special duty. October 6, 1885. Gassawat, J. M., Surgeon. To examine snrfmen nt Ellsworth, Me., and other ports of First District Life-Saving Service. October 9, 1885. Society Meetings for the Coming Week: Monday, Octohrr QGth : Medical Society of the County of New York; Boston Society for Medical Improvement ; Lawrence,

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