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women and fi children. Of 8 German cases, (I ended in recovery. These women were in lal>or respcclively 12 hours, 8, 30, " some hoursi" anil 16 horn's, ami in 1 case the time was not mentioned, The women wlio,"e cases were niarkeil "favorable" by rea.son of their ouidilion before the operation all recovered. A tabidar record of cases is given bv Dr. Harris. Laparo-elytrotomy also numbers 12 cases, with 6 recoveries and 7 children saved. Nine of the cases belong to New York city and Brook- lyn, where 6 women and 5 children were saved. These 6 women were in labor respectively 11 hours, 4 days, 16 hours, a week, 8 hours, and 22 hours. There were 4 "faforafjli" cases among the 12, all of which ended in recovery. These two cities have a credit of 11 Caesarean operations, saving but 2 women and 2 children. In 10, the prcniosis was " unfavorable." In cases made more serious by delav, laparo-elv. trotomy promises better than gastro-hysterotomy, and should be pre- ferred to it. It also promises more favorably for British cases, so far as we can judge by New York, where the mortality was formerly equal to that of England. A table of the operation is given. The Porro-Cssarean operation. Dr. Harris shows, is par excellence the method for hospitals, where the women should be under anticipative treatment and operated upon very early in, or just prior to, labor. The Miiller modification is preferable where the placenta is upon the ante- rior uterine wall, or the foetus dead and putrid. Dwarf subjects require that the delivery under the knife should be effected very early, as ex- haustion occurs after a short effort of nature, and death is apt to result in such cases. The Porro operation has been the most successftJ in the cases of dwarfs. The Cansal Belation of Obstructed Cardiac Circulation to Lymph Stasis. — In a learned article. Dr. S. C. Busey, of Washington I Ibid.), points out that retardation, or arrest of the current of the fluid in the thoracic duct at or near its outlet into the subclavian vein, may produce dilatation, distension, and rupture of lymphatic vessels, and consequent effusion of chyle and lymph into the serous cavities. The remoteness of the effects from the obstacle interrupting the current of the fluid may depend upon various concomitant conditions, especially upon the anatomical integrity and the distensibility of the vascular walls. When the impediment to the flow of chyle and lymph occurs at or near its outlet, the area of stasis and ectasis will necessarily depend upon the duration and extent of such obstacle ; and hence, when the area of ectasia is extensive, the manifest inference is that the cause has been one of gradual development and protracted duration. The influence of partial obliteration or stenosis of the thoracic duct at or near its termi- nation in the causation of dilatation or rupture of some part of the lymph-vascular system can not be doubted. The evidences of experi- mentation must be accepted as conclusive. The effects of stenosis produced by the gradual encroachment from disease of the duct or of surrounding and contiguous tissues and structures are shown by clinical and post-mortem citations. In this latter class of cases the ectasia is gradual in its development and more extensive in its field. In cases where the lymphangiectasis was consequent upon the Buy Sildalis slowing or inter- ruption of the venous blood-current in the left subclavian vein, the rela- tion of cause and effect seems equally well established. Dr. Busey shows that such diseases of the heart as slow, impede, or stagnate the venous blood-ciu-rent in the left subclavian or innominate vein may also produce lymph-stasis. The Predisposing Causes of Aneurysm. — In a valuable paper Surgeon- General Hamilton (Jbitl.) presents an elaborate study of the predisposing causes of aneurysm. So far as his inquiry has extended, the onlv con- stant element among all the alleged causes of aneurysm is that of climate. Neither syphilis, nor alcoliolism, nor occupation, nor heat, alone, ap- pears to have an appreciable influence on the causation of this disease. As to how far the influence of diet may extend in the production of aneurysm he has been um>ble to form any conclusion, but it is possible certain kinds of food may have a powerful influence. The Academy of Medicine's Section in Practice of Medicine held II regular meeting on Tuesday evening, the 20th insl., at which Dr. Laurence Johnson read a paper on "The Uhoice of Kemedies," and a general discussion took place on the question, " Is Typhoid Fever ever of Spontaneous Grigin * " We would suggest that a somewhat closer approach to accuriicy in the cards of announcement would not W amiss. Oil the curd nnniiuncing that meeting Dr. Lauivnce Johnson figures as Hr. Lawrence Johnson, Dr. W. H. Tlionison u.s Dr. W. H. Thonipsou, Dr. J. Haven F.uierson as Dr. !•'. Haven Kmerson, and Dr. S. dakley \ an der I'oel as Dr. J. Oiikey VaiiderpiH>l. 476 MISCELLANY. [N. Y. Med. Joctb. The Brooklyn Pathological Society. — Dr. Daniel Ayres will deliver his secouil lecture on " The Pathology of the Inflammatory Process " at the next meeting of the society, to be held at the Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital on Thursday evening, the 29th inst. The New York Academy of Medicine. — At the meeting of the Academy held on Th\ir.-;day, the 15th inst.. Dr. F. A. Castle, the treas- urer of the Board of Trustees, reported the final payment of two thou- sand dollars on the mortgage on the Academy's property. This leaves the Academy entirely free from debt. THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. The Use of Iodoform Collodion, especially in Neuralgia. — Dr. William Browning, of Brookhii ("Am. Jour, of the Med. Sd.") gives his experience with this remedy for external application, together with notes on the preparation itself, and a brief study of its action. The strength usually employed is one part of iodoform to fifteen of collo- dion. Half an ounce is usually sufficient for a single application. Dr. Browning has found it most effective when painted on in very thick layers, which may be conveniently done with the usual camel's-hair brush. As soon as one coating becomes a little firm another is applied, and so on until it appears to have an average thickness of | mm. In the neuralgic cases a cure, when effected, was usually accomplished with one or two applications. The troubles found most amenable to this treatment were narrowly localized neuralgias, especially when cor- responding to some particular nerve and not dependent on any demon- strable lesion. In fact, if a neuralgia, or what is thought to be one, proves intractable to this means, we should doubt its being a purely functional affection, and look carefully for some tangible cause. It has thus a certain diagnostic, as well as a therapeutic, value. Several times its complete or partial failure has led to a more searching and success- ful examination. Even in such cases much temporary reUef is often afforded. Supra-orbital neuralgias, even of malarial origin, particularly if the miasmatic infection dates back some time, seem quite amenable to this treatment. It is not recommended as a substitute for the use

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