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NEW YORK. In the " Xew York Medical Journal " of September 20th I find a therapeutical note, taken from the " Berlin, klin, \^ ochenschrift " and "Lancet," in which Manassein recom- mends the use of cocaine in seasickness, and speaks of the Thorazine 100 Mg gratifying results obtained in Order Thorazine several cases. Unaware of the (act Thorazine Iv that it had been recommended and used in seasick- ness, I gave it a pretty extensive trial this summer, merely prompted by its general physiological and anjesthetic effects, but with results far from gratifying. It does not act as a palliative, much less as a curative ; Purchase Thorazine Online on the contrary, its use does actual harm. The effect of cocaine upon seasickness, as a combination of the most varied bodily and mental sen- sations, is purely negative, Thorazine Uses except for a decided increase and aggravation of certain symptoms. The most striking effect of the medicine is an intense and persistent nausea, which becomes the more distressing as all efforts, mechanical or otherwise, of obtaining relief by vomiting prove unavailing. Xow, any one that has ever suffered the panes of seasick- ness will agree with me that this very nausea, unrelieved by vomiting, forms the most distressing and depressinir feature of the mysterious disorder, and that the act of vomiting is the only efficacious means by which temporary Thorazine Online relief is afforded and comparative physical and mental comfort re- stored to the sufferer. The cocaine seems to exercise a paralyzinsj influence upon the motor-nerve apparatus of the stomach, therebv hindering vomition and preventing the display of the only function which is apt to give any relief, and which nature itself has beneficently instituted as a Thorazine 50 Mg vis medicatrix. This characteristic and uncomfortable condition is further aggra- vated by a total loss of appetite and an invincible repug- nance to food in every form and shape — an inertia of tbe digestive organs, in fact, that is very rarely experienced in ordinary and even severe yet uncomplicated cases of sea- Thorazine 10 Mg sickness. Hut the influence of the drug does not stoji here ; it reaches further yet and extends Purchase Thorazine to the whole length of the alimentary tract, giving to great torpidity of the intes- tines; defecation becomes almost impossible without arti. filial mea.sures, and is even then slow, difficult, and painful, and reacting unfavorably upon the entire -system. However favorably cocaine might affect the nervous system, intellect, anThorazine 25 Mg the bromides, and not otherwise, seems to be a direct and positive result of the medicinal agency employed, and of its physiological effort to overcome the affection. It appeared almost as if Nature had resented the check imposed upon her, and, in throwing it off, had reasserted her power and avenged the interference with her laws. If I can thus adduce nothing in favor of cocaine and the bromides, it might not be amiss to say a good word in be- half of the hydrate of chloral, which renders excellent ser- vice in seasickness, without Buy Cheap Thorazine causing or leaving any ill effects. It does not directly interfere with and check the disorder, as the two other remedies seem to do, but merely mitigates and relieves the most distressing symptoms, and prepares the system gradually in overcoming the further inroads of the affection without much discomfort. It does not restrain the act of vomiting whenever this latter promises to afford relief, but it relieves the painful and con- vulsive heavings of the stomach, and, after being taken for some time, it Thorazine Chlorpromazine finally stops the vomiting by removing alto- gether the nauseous feeling which gives Chlorpromazine Thorazine rise to this gastric disturbance. The sensation of nausea being removed, vom- iting ceases of its own accord. In doses of twenty grains, administered twice or three times in twenty-four hours, chloral relieves all the more prominent symptoms of the disorder, especially nausea, headache, nervous prostration, and mental wretchedness; imparts a sound and undisturbed »lccp, which contributes as much, and perhaps more, to the general improvement than anything else; and keeps appetite, digestion, and action of the bowels in a pretty nor- mal condition. JIavJng crossed the Atlantic more than a dozen times, Buy Thorazine and experienced the horrors of seasickness in all degrees of intensity ; having, furthermore, tried all modes of treatment, I can recommend but two measures — moderate doses of chloral whenever the remedy is not con- tra-indicated, and total abstinence from the Thorazine 200 Mg use of excitants and stimulants in the shape of food and drink.

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