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A bland, wholly unirritating diet is best tolerated by the stomach, and the effect of order tinidazole online artificial appetizers is not only illusory but actually injurious, while the use of spirit- uous liquors considerably aggravates the gastric and cere- bral symptoms. The reputation of champagne is exag- gerated, and its good effects are solely due to the carbonic acid which it contains, and which proves far more ciprofloxacin and tinidazole tablets beneficial in the simpler vehicle of certain mineral waters. 644 Lexington Avenue. ^ooh Motbes. Micro-organisms and Disease. An Introduction into the Study of Specific Micro-organisms. By E. Klein, M. D., F. R. S., Joint Lecturer on General Anatomy and Physiology in the Medical School of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. With 108 Engravings. London : Mucmillan & Co., 1884. tinidazole online Pp. xii-195. [Price, $1.] The tinidazole norfloxacin reader will recognize in tliis tinidazole tindamax book the series of articles which were published in the "Practitioner" norfloxacin and tinidazole for 1884. It is a modest little volume, but is none the less a thorough and schol- arly exposition of the subject of which it treats. Dr. Klein's reputation as a bacteriohigist, which has been increased by his prominent connection with the Cholera Commission, will ren- der his book, small as it is, an authority upon the question of micro-organisms. He states briefly and clearly those facts which will be most useful to the general reader, avoiding scientific dis- cussions so far as possible, and confining himself to concise state- ments of the generic tinidazole latest theories. Of the twenty-one chapters, the first five treat of the methods of bacteria-cultivation and micro- scopical examination, the next three of bacteria and micrococci, while the ninth, tenth, and eleventh chapters deal with bacilli. Vibriones, spirobacteria, yeast and mold, fungi, and actinoray- ces, have each a separate chapter. Chapters XVII, XVIII, and XIX treat of the vital phenomena of micro-organisms. The concluding chapter contains a brief statement of our present knowledge with regard to germicides. The illustrations are well executed and assist materially in the understanding of the text. There are copious references to the literature of the sub- ject, and a complete index. It is easy to believe from the tinidazole tablets 500mg amount of research displayed in the little tinidazole tablets work that it is the outcome of ten years of careful experiments and investigations, as is stated in the preface. A Compend of Organic and Medical Chemistry, including Uri- nary Analysis and the Examination of Water and Food. By IIenrt Leffmann, M. D., I). D. S., Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy in the Pennsylvania College of Dental Sur- gery, etc. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son, & Co., 1884. Pp. viii-124. [Price, $1.] As a quiz compend this fasigyn tinidazole handy little volume will be found to contain most of the information necessary to the medical stu- dent. The first half of the book treats briefly of organic chem- istry. There are rather more punderons formula' than we shoidd look for in such an elementary work. Animal chemis- try receives a short notice. The section upon urine is the best in the book, being concise and practi<'al. We are glad to meet with a full description of Dr. Squibb's simple quantitative test for urea. The picric-acid test for sugar is also not forgotten. A short chHi)ter on water-analysis and one on foods conclude the compend. order tinidazole The hook is neatly bound, nnd there is un ex- blMl^^tiv(• index. Oct. 31, 1885.] LEADING ARTICLES. 487 NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, A IVeek/y Review of Medicine. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1885. DIELECTROLYSIS. Among the "Therapeutical Notes" which we present this week, there is one that will undoubtedly awaken the interest, not to say the curiosity, of many ciprofloxacin and tinidazole of our readers. We refer to the brief paragraph which summarizes a communication lately made to the Paris Academie de medeeine by M. Brondel, on the direct medication of the tinidazole giardia internal organs by what he terms " dielectrolysis," meaning thereby the electrolytic decom- position of a chemical compound and the forcing of its active medicinal constituent through the ciprofloxacin tinidazole tissues of the body purchase tinidazole online by virtue of its affinity for one ofloxacin tinidazole of the poles of a galvanic battery. Perhaps this is the most notable therapeutical novelty that has come up tinidazole vs metronidazole since the anfflsthetic power of cocaine was an- nounced. We think it proper to call it a novelty — just as we felt justified, some months ago, in speaking of rectal anwstheti- zation as a novelty, although something in the same direction had been done before by Pirogoff and others — although, within but a very few days of the date of M. Brondel's communication, a well-known French author, M. Spillmann, showed that, so long ago as in 1871, he had published something to tlie same purpose, and had referred to the idea as having been entertained by some others even at an earlier period. M. Spillmann's ex- periments were performed in 1870, and he published a note in the "Archives g6n6rales de medeeine" (1871, vol. ii, p. 490), in which he said : " It is known that, by causing a galvanic cur- rent to pass through a solution of iodide of potassium, we cause the metal to he deposited at tlie negative pole, and the iodine at the positive pole. The same thing will take place if a tissue which is a good conductor is interposed between the two elec- trodes. It is easy to convince one's self of the truth of these statements. Beer (' Berl. med. Presse,' x, 1869, 37) and Eulen- burg (' Berl. klin. Wochenschr.,' vii, 1870, 16) were the buy tinidazole first to dream of tlio application of these phenomena. In my experi- ments I made use of glass cylinders, traversed at one end by a pliitinuin wire, and closed at the other with an buy cheap tinidazole organic mem- brane. To avoid every source of error, the cylinders were scrupulou.sly cleansed after every experiment, the membrane

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