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another stage of surgical fever. But metastatic Generic For Vytorin 10 40 abscesses wore now things of the pa."t. Everything was at present directed toward the prevention of suppuration. The author then contrasted the treatment formerly adopted Oct. 31, 1885.1 PROCEEBTNQS OF SOCIETIES. 499 in compound fractures, amputations, exsections, and ligations of arteries, with that now practiced. Amputations were not now thought of except where the nerves and arteries were so far destroyed as to prevent the conveyance of nourishment to the extremity. Formerly amputation wounds rarely, if ever, closed at Bellevue Hospital except after long-continued suppuration, and the larger ones were terribly fatal, whereas now Vytorin 10 Mg they were among the most successful cases in the hospital, and death from suppuration and its results did not occur. Formerly psoas and other abscesses were allowed to go until they made an opening for themselves. Xow they were opened and Is There A Generic For Vytorin washed out with an antiseptic solution, often with the cessation of suppuration. Their walls being approximated after scraping, they frequently united almost at once. Septicwmia and pysemia were now al- most unknown in the gyniecological wards. Reviewing the surgical practice of Bellevue, it was not difficult to determine the essential feature of present methods as compared with those of the past ; it was cleanliness. The agents now found Generic For Vytorin efficient to secure this were soap and water to external parts, carbolic- acid solution for the instruments, bichloride solution to all sur- Vytorin Discount Card faces and tissues, and iodoform for external dressings. Dr. A. C. Post was prepared to accept the author's state- ments with regard to the thorough efficiency of cleanliness. He thought there was still room for doubt as to how far the use of antiseptics, so called, contributed to the success of operations other than as it secured cleanliness. His reason for doubting Buy Vytorin somewhat the part antiseptics played in contributing to the suc- cessful treatment of wounds was founded on the experience of the most eminent gymecologists of Great Britain. Mr. Tait and Mr. Keith, the most successful ovariotomists, had regarded anti- septics, so called, as not only useless but pernicious ; they main- tained that the use of antiseptics added a small percentage of mortality to that class of operations. They both insisted, how- ever, on thorough cleanliness. But there was no doubt of there having been a very great improvement in the treatment of sur- gical wounds, whether we regarded the imi)rovement as Vytorin Cost due to antiseptic methods or to cleanliness. Dr. W. Gill Wylie did nofknow whether we should have learned the full meaning of cleanliness had it not been that anti- septics, as introduced by Lister, had helped us to an understand- ing of it. Ho liad no doubt that antiseptics had done good, but, like all things which had done good, they had been carried too far, and there was now somewhat of a reaction against them. He used antiseptics simply as a substitute for cleanliness, but if he could bo sure of perfect cleanliness he would not use anti- septics. Dr. Smith closed the discussion, and said that it had not been his inteiiticm to treat specially of the subject of Vytorin Gel antiseptics. Since the discussion had taken that direction, he might say, however, that in liis opinion the value of antiseptics rested in their securing Generic Name For Vytorin cleanliness. Extreme cleanliness now pervaded the wards of Bellevue Hospital. It was especially necessary that tlic surgeon's nails Vytorin Online and Vytorin Generic Name hands Generic Vytorin 10 40 should be rendered clean. Antiseptics had brought us to a knowledge of the necessity of deanlincis, and were adjuvants of cleanliness; so far as they assisteVytorin Cholesterol subject (see page Vytorin Price 477), and showed several of the patients whose cases were mentioned in the paper. He also read the history of another case, prepared by Dr. Leboy W. HrBBAUD (see page 479). Dr. V. P. GiBNET commended the results. He was particu larly astonished at the case of Cost Of Vytorin patella fracture shown. He thought that if simple fractures were oftener treated in this way there would he fewer cases which proved a disgrace Is Vytorin A Statin to the profession— the increasing separation in time often rendering tbe limbs almost useless. He felt sure that with rigid antiseptic precautions there was little danger. Dr. L. B. Bangs remarked that the paper had proved par- ticularly interesting to him in view of a Merck Vytorin case which had lately come under his notice— Vytorin Statin one of compound fracture of the thigh in its upper third. The patient came under his care some days after the receipt of the injury, and when he saw it the frag- ments could not be replaced in position and the wounds were in a septic condition. He believed that, if the wire suture had been used early in this case, both the limb and tbe hfe of the patient might have been saved.

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