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much to give zest to his work. A joke at his own expense was almost as welcome as if for another. He used to tell with great glee, and awaking much laughter as he did so, how a little trick of Olanzapine Price his to stop too prolix patients once got bim into great trouble. He said that he had found a good device for interrupting a needlessly long story on the part of a patient was to ask, in the midst of the long narrative, " Please let me see your tongue." He found that patients bore this interruption very well, and that, in their eagerness to get the doctor's opinion of this index of the digestion, its Zyprexa Purchase wagging ceased. But on one evening Risperidone Olanzapine a friend, who was in no sense a patient, was making a Online Zyprexa call upon him, and talked long, when Little was very tired. After a time the doctor's mind wandered afar off from the discourse to the discussion of medical cases and questions, and, turning to his friend, who was in the full tide of talk, he asked with great gravity, " Please let me see your tongue." Little was never able to explain what happened when his friend had fairly taken in the meaning of this interruption. But I must turn from the contemplation of the varied sides of our late associate's life and character. A quarter of a century was to be the limit of his professional life. In the apparent ripeness not of old age, but of middle life, it was ordered that his work should end. As has already been intimated, he was actively engaged at a professional meet- ing up to a late hour on Tuesday, March 31st, and on Satur- day, April 4, 1885, he was in the life beyond. In August, 1884, it was discovered that he was sufTcring from diabetes. I believe Buy Zyprexa it is thought, by some authorities at least, Olanzapine 5 Mg that the debility induced by this disease, the existence of which was shown by the Zyprexa 5 examination after deirth, made him less able to resist the acute affection from which he died. At any rate, it had a sensible effect upon his apparent feelings and Ju:tionH, as observed by his intimates. Ills thirst wfis marked, and he became much fatigued upon slight exertion I'.ut he continued his daily work, without creating a suspi- cion of the existence of any serious disease, in lliose Zyprexa 10mg wjio saw liirn only at intervals, until Wednesday morning, April 1st, when he called his frieiir. Llr)yd to attend to liis clinic for that day, while be proposed to make one or two calls in the after- noon. He then went up stairs and took a dose of cathartic medicine prescribed by himself. At noon he said he felt better, and he went out to try and finish some work, but he soon returned, complaining of severe pain. His family phy- sician. Dr. John S. Campbell, was sent for in the evening; when Dr. Campbell arrived he ordered a dose of castor-oil, which he had seen relieve similar attacks in Dr. Little. The night passed without a movement of the bowels, and with a steady increase in the pain. Early in the morning he sent for Dr. Lloyd and gave him the necessary instructions in regard to his practice. When Dr. Campbell came for his morning visit he advised that Dr. Loomis be sent for in consultation, and when he came, although he thought there was beginning typhlitis, he advised a dose of calomel. He also had seen Dr. Little in similar attacks, which had been relieved by cathartics. No alleviation of the pain was obtained, nor did the bowels Olanzapine 10 Mg respond to the frequent calls made upon them ; and on Friday, owing to the increase of the pain, it was Zyprexa 10 found necessary to resort to the hypodermic injection of morphine. It was also Purchase Zyprexa Cheap Zyprexa noticed that there was a localized peritonitis, and, when Dr. Campbell arrived. Dr. Sands was also called in consultation. Olanzapine Risperidone By the time he arrived, in the afternoon, the inflammation of the peritonaeum had become Olanzapine 5mg general, and it was a question whether it would be wise to operate. This was advised against, however, when the existence of the constitutional Zyprexa Buy disease was fully considered. Although the hypodermic was Olanzapine Tablets used freely all Friday night, it was found on the morning of Saturday that the peritonitis was much aggravated. On this morning he Olanzapine Tablet sent for Dr. Lloyd, and when he got to the room he found him, in spite of the peritoneal inflammation, sitting in a chair by the side of the bed. As Dr. Lloyd entered the room he asked if he thought he looked much worse than the day before, and then imme- diately began to give instructions with regard to some busi- ness for the University of Vermont, which he thought ought to be attended to without delay. It was suggested to relieve the distension of the bowels by an aspiration, but he ob- jected, and the matter was not urged. Dr. Lloyd, from whom I received these particulars, then continues: "After remaining with him for some time, I left to attend to the calls, and was probably absent about an hour. Upon my return I vvas met at the door by one of the servants, who asked me to hurry to the room, as the doctor was worse. Hurrying up stairs, I found Drs. Campbell and Powell al- ready there, and that collapse had set in Zyprexa Online a few minutes be- fore. Just before my arrival the doctor had asked Dr. Campbell, 'Doctor, don't you think a little digitalis would be good for this failing heart of mine ? ' Dr. Sands wa.s also sent for and arrived in a very few minutes ; but there was nothing to be done, and we now knew that the end was neariiig fast. As I entered the room the doctor held out his ham! willi the ex{)ression, 'Lloyd, I am going now'; and ihcM, a iiiiriiitc later, again calling mc by name, he said, '1 now realize the truth of what poor Beard said.'* Dur- * This refers to llio djiiif! wonls of the late (ieor(.'e M. Iteiird, iu wliieli he exprcsdcit hin rcurelH thai he iiiiili! not cxpnT'x the (lion(;lit8 of u (lyiii|{ muii. Nov. 7, 1885.] VANCE: CASES IN ORTEOP^DIC SURGERY. 511 ing all this time he was suffering intensely, but his mind was entirely clear, and his spirit undaunted by the fast ap- proach of death. He summoned the household servants and family about his bedside, casting anxious glances at a clock that was in his chamber, plainly showing that he was count- ing the moments that he still had to live. Having bid fare- well to each one by name, and with the words, ' I die Zyprexa Mg in the Christian faith ' upon his lips, there was a final instant of distress, when this brave man yielded up his spirit to the God who gave it."

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